I decided to write this article after I had watched a Christmas themed show on television this week. It was stated that the correct way to decorate a Christmas Tree was to start with the lights, add the tinsel and then the decorations.

This is the reverse of how I have always decorated my tree.

The presenter stated that her method would guarantee that the lights sparkled discretely onto the tree's ornaments. My tree always looks fab, and I receive plenty of good comments, so I guess that either way will work well.

Here is some basic advice then.

Things You Will Need








Decorations or ornaments.

Sweets such as candy canes or chocolate decorations.

Some of the above are optional.

Step 1

Erect your Christmas Tree and measure it. You can do this just roughly but it will help when deciding where to place your tree.

Step 2

If your tree is going to be in a corner, against a wall, you can economise on the deorations if you want to. This may help if you are struggling financially.

The back of the tree can be dressed minimally and the effect will still be good.

Step 3

Decide how you want to decorate your tree. By this I mean in what order. I always place the decorations onto the tree first, then the lights and finally the tinsel. I then add any sweets and crackers last.

Step 4

Chritsmas tree lights have really come down in price in recent years. Make sure that you do not compromise your safety, though, in order to save some pennies.

Shop around, as these days there are musical lights, flashing lights, LED ones, outdoor lights, multi-colored lights, white lights and so many more.

Step 5

Many people like to colour theme their Christmas tree.

If you want to create a traditional look you could use red, gold and green with lots of tinsel and coloured lights. A pretty fairy on the top of this tree will complete the look.

For a modern, streamlined look stick with silver and a silver star for the top of your tree. White or clear lights will look best here.

Fancy being a little different? Pale blue and silver or purple and silver look quite dramatic together.

Go for a black tree for a dramatic look.

There is so much choice these days. You can even coordinate your tree with your home decor if you want to.

Step 6

If money is tight be inventive when decorating your tree.

Wrap various sized empty boxes with Christmas paper and a rich bow. Hang these fake presents on the tree or pile them around the base.

Buy an off cut of felt or velvet in order to make a Christmas tree skirt, to cover the base or stand of an artificial tree. Cut out a circle large enough to cover the base. Hem this material and add a ribbon for adornment and to act as a tie.

Make your own bows with rich ribbon bought quite cheaply. These can then be placed on the tree either randomly or in a neat order.

Collect small bare branches and fir cones. Spray these with gold or silver and add to the tree.

These basic guidelines should help a novice decorate a christmas tree efectively. It is always best to place your tree and then lay out all of the tinsel and decorations on the floor. Put the lights in one place on the floor, the tinsel another and the decorations with each other. This way you can see exactly what you have got. This may prevent your tree having too many ornaments in one part and empty bare patches in another.

Above all remember that Christmas should be about fun. Try not to make decorating the tree just another Christmas chore. Take your time, have a small glass of wine and a mince pie and enjoy yourself.

Tips & Warnings

Make sure that you only buy fire resistant trees and decorations.

Ensure that your tree is placed securely and will not topple over. If in doubt secure your tree to a hook in the wall.

Do not leave the Christmas tree lights on when you go to bed or are going out of the house. Be safe and not sorry.