Cute dorm

This is my room?

You’re finally on campus! Freedom at last!



Your nerves are going wild at the thought of meeting your roommate. Your excitement wears off when you walk in your dorm. It’s not quite what the model room looked like when you toured campus last Spring. The smell of mothballs fills your nose as soon as you step inside. The floors are an ugly green seaweed and the walls are a fainted beige. What’s a student to do?


1. Buy a floor lamp. Buying a bright light for your room is often the first step to warding off the spiders and adding a warm glow to your new residence. Buy the type that lets you point multiple lights in different areas to let your entire room glow.


2. Buy a large rug. A rug can cover up an ugly carpet and add a flash of fresh color to your new residence. It can really amp up your room when selecting a color that represents who you are. Plus, if you happen to spill your Cherry Pepsi on the floor, you'll avoid a huge fee when it stains your rug and not the carpet.


3. Use removable wallpaper. Most of the time, you aren’t allowed to put a paintbrush anywhere near your wall without your RA’s demon-red eyes glaring at you. Instead, if your wall is made of brick and the chance of paint chipping off is unlikely, you might be able to opt for removable wallpaper. If you don't want to go through all the work of measuring, you can also just buy a large decorative sticker to put on your wall. This will not only freshen up your dorm, but it will personalize it in a way most people haven’t thought of.


4. Buy/Make a bed canopy. No, we aren’t talking about the pink princess canopy that was over your little sisters bed. There are plenty of adult canopies that will add a dose of color to your room. Need a break from your roommate? Close your bed canopy and enjoy your evening without feeling like your roommate is judging you for snuggling with your teddy and watching Cinderella.


5. Add a delicious scent to your room. Are you are that person who makes the floor smell like fresh mocha every morning? Do you want to be? Try spicing up the smell in your dorm all day by putting coffee beans inside a vase with fake flowers. Not a coffee fan? By some fruity tea bags and hide them throughout your room. Good places are under your futon mattress and inside your desk drawers.


If you follow these tips, you'll be the one people envy on your floor with the cutest room! Now, to clean up that Pepsi stain...