Deleting your history of visited websites is a very important procedure that many people should follow after using public computers. If other people share the same computer with you, The history should be deleted after each use so that other internet users can not see the websites that you visited. This article is a step by step guide on how to delete the history of visited websites in Internet Explorer.

Things You Will Need


Internet access

Step 1

Open your main internet browser. At the top of the toolbar, there is a "Tools" link, click the tools link.. There will be a list of options available. Scroll down to where it says "Internet Options" and click on it. A internet options box will popup and display different tabs with computer options available for you. On the "General" tab, there will be options with little boxes next to them.

Step 2

Look down and one of the options will say "Browsing History." Under browsing history, it will say "delete temporary files, history, cookies, saved passwords and web form information." Under that statement there will be two options, the delete option and the settings option. Choose the "Delete" option. Another box should appear with more choices to make. This box has a title that reads "Delete Browsing History.

Step 3

Check the box that says "History." Underneath the History option it should say: "List of websites that you have visited." At the very bottom, click on the delete button where it shows the delete and cancel options. A box should appear and the computer should now begin deleting browsing history. When the deleting browsing history box disappears, you can now choose ok on the already opened internet options box and it should also disappear.

To be able to delete your browsing history automatically after each use of the computer, on step two, check the box that says "Delete browsing history on exit."

Tips & Warnings