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It is not difficult to design your own costume from a plain cheap store bought costume to a noticeable and expensive looking costume. You can even make exotic and extravagant costumes with a bit of imagination. There is no sewing required for this kind of costume.

 Buy a store bought costume, plain and simple. It doesn’t have to be one that is your theme, just one that will fit into your theme. By this I mean, that it should be a color and style that will fit into your theme. You won’t change the color or style just the design by embellishments and ornamental trimmings. If you can find a cheap costume in the theme you have chosen that is not well decorated, that’s even better. This will be cheaper and you can make your own design so much easier.

I bought a cheap 9.99 costume at Wal-Mart (Cleopatra theme) which I embellished to match my theme of Cleopatra. This costume was plain and simple but just amazing when I was finished with it.

The most important part of your themed costume is to know your theme or character. Do your research; look at expensive costumes similar as your theme to give you excellent ideas and creative thoughts of how you will design your costume.

Once you have done your research, go to a fabric store or Wal-Mart to look for the trim or embellishments for your costume.

 I had planned for this costume ahead of time so I was shopping at yard sales for the accessories for quite a few months. I found all the jewelry, which looked authentic, at garage sales.

The trimmings on the top of dress, edge of sleeves and bottom of dress were fabric glued on. The trim on collar and the rhinestones were applied with fabric glue.



The waist belt was just a plain color, and no trimmings. I found fancy lace, and rhinestones, all at Wal-Mart and it was put on with fabric glue. The sandals I found at a small boutique for $5.00 and I embellished them with rhinestones.

 All the jewelry including the earrings, necklace, two bracelets, ring and beaded neck sash were bought at yard sales. I am talking cheap! I paid the most for the beaded head piece which was around $15.00 on E-Bay. If you are pressed for time, you can shop e-Bay for all your accessories that you’ll need.  It was an amazingly stunning outfit and probably everything crafted was done in 1-1 ½ hours. My makeup probably took longer then that!!

 Don’t forget to use E-bay as a great resource for new or vintage types of jewelry which will fit your Halloween theme. If  you’re able and have enough time, you can also try any second hand shops in your area.