Clickbank is an affiliate network that is primarily focused on marketing information products. Since it is so easy to create an information product ( all you need is a laptop and a pdf maker), it is essential to know how to distinguish terrible clickbank products from truly great ones.

 As an affiliate marketer, your reputation is everything and you can't be seen promoting a bad product. If you do, your return readership will collapse.

Here are 4 ways of detecting crappy CB products from the ones worth promoting.

 Negative reviews

 You can often get a wealth of negative information about a product by searching for it in google with the keyword "scam" next to it. Google will helpfully filter for articles with the name of your product of interest and the word scam in the body.

 Be careful, however. Some crafty marketers deliberately create "scam" reviews of their own products and put positive spins on them in the body. A good place to search for honest reviews is While it mainly focuses on services and educational programs, it also covers some information products that are VERY bad.

 Recurring sign-up Fees

 There are top paying clickbank campaigns that sell like hotcakes because they are so cheap. A scam product will have a up-sell eventually somewhere down the road that is not connected to clickbank and is not under their return policy.

 Typically, a victim will purchase a clickbank product and then be taken to a up-sell page offering "personal coaching" of some kind. This up-sell is usually very cheap for the first month and then increases to rates upwards of 60.00 per month or more. These charges are notoriously difficult to cancel.  Of course, you as an affiliate will not see a penny from the upsell because it will not go through clickbank, but you will notice people coming to your site and never returning again.

 So, do yourself a favor, stay away from any kind of recurring charges clickbank programs and do deeper research on the product if you see them using recurring fees.

 Outdated Products

 Some products on clickbank were great and useful 5 YEARS AGO. This is an obsolete product that you need to stay away from. Therefore, it pays to carefully go over the website of the product to get an accurate idea of what it actually does.

This is especially true for online marketing products. A lot of them are published years after their techniques become obsolete and trigger massive returns, ruining your reputation in the process.

 Outlandish claims

 If it sound too good to be true, it probably is. Beware of exaggerated claims that can't be substantiated.

 I hope that you now have some idea on how to detect bad products from clickbank. Here you will find a great list of 5 of the most useful and profitable affiliate networks on the internet.