People quit their jobs for a many reasons. And some of these reasons include a shortage advancement opportunities, a need for more money, or simply a lack of job satisfaction and fulfillment within your current position. These people time and again have their future secured after their current jobs, and can afford to lose their jobs for the moment.

On the other hand though, you need to establish your value as a competent professional before you can even think of asking for a pay raise. And this does not even take into account leaving your current job and finding a better paying one. It is therefore crucial that you comprehend your value as a person, employee and as a professional. This is in actual fact a lot more complicated than most people make it out to be.

As a valuable employee you will seen as someone that can get any job done with great success. This will be the first factor in assessing your value. Your capability to do your work fast, professionally and with no problems is one of the first things employers will want to see in an individual. Results do matter and it is vital that you deliver these results if you want to raise your value within your company - in particular if you are looking for a salary increase.

As a valuable person you should be likeable. A likeable person is worth ten times more than an insensitive and rude one. No matter if both of them has the same skills and can do the same job. The workplace is usually very social, and your belief system, your principles and capability to get along with others will play a major role in raising or lowering your value in general. This is the reason why people that got their positions of power unfairly have absolutely no idea of how to treat others and how things should be done.

As a valuable professional you will need the ability to see the bigger picture. This will determine your value as a professional in a big manner and it will be determined by your own insight and long-term plans for the future. But getting your job done is only half of the work – it is important to see where you are going in the long run. This is the difference between a boring person that only follows instructions and a professional that can think out of the box.

These three factors of your professional make up will help to determine your true value when it comes to salary value. Always bear this in mind, as this will help you to take the right steps in the right direction. Seeing that you now know how a valuable employee, person and professional are seen, you are in a very good position to begin growing your value in your respective field. This will definitely put you in an excellent position when it comes to determining the value of your salary, or negotiating for that long awaited increase.