Home, kids and teens

Our  children wether they are toddlers, children or teens, are developing in the world while we as parents go about our busy lives and routines to keep up with the demands of life.

To stop for a moment and check in with ourselves to ask  "Are we really taking the time to give value into our children's lives?"  Do we notice the messages underneath our children's behavior and  sense the needs they have?

Being in relationship to our children by listening to them at a very early age , gives us the opportunity to reflect to them healthy values, by picking up ques in wheat they say about themselves.  What  their behavior is signalling to us is that they need to be listened  to. To be asked respectful questions about how they feel and see the world and themselves, without judgement.

Reminding our little ones that they are loved , and wanted and gifted is a great start to a human beings early experiences .   A home that teaches and respects the individuality of our children and their own unique personalites is highly supportive of their developing self image.  Let them know  it's absolutely okay to be who they are, it will pay off immensley in their future endeavours.

To believe in themselves will surely give them less demons to fight in their adult years and now, as well as help them make healthy relationship choices in their lives.    Talking to your children about healthy on non healthy communication in relationships is a gift they will never forget.  This is also building a foundation for good mental health in allowing them to stand up and set their boundaries, and talk about what makes them uncomfortable, as well as what encourages them.

As parents we all have stress but your reaction to it teaches them how to build coping skills. What damages a child's self esteem  is yelling at them , name calling in a negative sense, questioning their capabilities, and  not  supporting  their talents.   By being mindful and aware of the messages we give our children will impact them for life. Lets keep them positive  our children are the future.