how to discipline your child

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The question is: How to discipline your child in a right and positive way?

Patience is a virtue! That is true. While there are many good ways to discipline children, you will always need to be patient.

Disciplining your child is not an easy job and will need you to repeat your discussions with him and convince him to follow the rules and do what you are asking him to do.

Things You Will Need

Patience! Alot of patience. You will also need help and cooperation from your partner, each of you should have some common rules to follow.

Step 1

Be Positive
do not criticise everything he does. Give him instruction in a positive manner and be specific about what you want from him. For example, you should use "Waste should be put in the garbage" instead of "don't be a bad boy" or "Don't through things".

If you give him orders, he will fight and disobey. He will resist your instructions and fight for his "independance". Be rationale, convince him and give him a good reason to act the way you want. So, instead of "Go put your toys in its place" you should use "let's put these in place so they don't get lost" or "Let's wash our teeth or we will get sick".

Comment on his actions NOT on his personality. Statements like "Are you stupid" or "You are very lazy!" can have negative effects on his personality and self esteem. Focus on the bad act "Please don't play bite your brother, Charlie" :)

Step 2

Listen to him. Kids may have some strong reasons to do something. Ask him why did you do this, try to find out what he feels about something and discover what made him do what he did. This is a very important step on the way to disciplen children. Start a quit conversation with your kid and discuss with him what you think he did wrong and why he did it.

Step 3

Children discipline without smacking

How to discipline your child with love : threatening and punishment

Avoid threatening him. Always show him you love him and that you are doing this because you love him. He will be motivated by this, your child will do the things you are asking him because he loves you and know you care about him.

But if you use threatening and punishment so much, he will get used to it. He will understand that he will do whatever he wants to do untill you start yelling at him. When you get angry, you will say negativethings that may hurt him. Also, he will learn to ignore this with time as your punishment becomes meaningless to him.

Step 4

Reward him. Encourage him to do good things and reward him after he behaves well. Please don't get me wrong, I'm not telling you to bribe your child, because if you say "I'll give you 10 dollars if you clean your room" he will do it for the money, or the candy and NOT because he loves you and respects you. When he acts good, praise him, hug him and give him a kiss and say your are happy and you wish he can always do this, and reward him every once in a while.

Step 5

Respect your kid. Don't underestimate him or say bad things about him instead of his friends or brothers/sisters. Teach him how to love you, respect you and put clear rules that every body follows and believes that this is the right thing to do.

Feel free to share more ways to discipline children and tell us how do you deal with your children and which ways you think work best.

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