It is very hard to dispose of used plastic bags. You can't throw them in the open. Disposed plastic bags will affect the environment for many years to come. Burning plastic bags will pollute the air with poisonous gases. But you should find a way to dispose the plastic bags that are already in use. Here are a few tips for disposing plastc bags without affecting environment.

Things You Will Need

plastic bags

Step 1

The best and most popular way to dispose of plastic without affecting the environment is to recycle it. Plastic can be recycled any number of times. You can give your plastic bags to many stores who will give it to recycling companies. The only problem with this method of plastic disposal is that the various types of plastics have to be segregated before reusing them.

Step 2

The majority of plastic waste that is created comes from plastic bags. You can use plastic bags as garbage bags any number of times which helps prevent you from having to buy garbage bags any more. This also allows you to dispose the plastic bags without affecting environment as much.

Step 3

In many countries, plastic waste is used in the construction of roads, PVC scrap is made into traffic barriers, lane dividers and other non-human contact applications.

Step 4

Although, very few in number, there are some processing plants that disintegrate plastics to the basic chemicals. These chemicals are harmless to the environment and will dissolve very quickly. Another method of disposing of plastic waste is to use some bacteria. The bacteria will eat the plastic waste and manages to consume the entire plastic waste in a few days . These methods of disposing plastic are gaining ground although they still remain unpopular.

The current methods of disposing of and recycling plastic bags are costly. Ideally it would be better to not use plastic any more. Plastic in most situations can be replaced by biodegradable materials. Biodegradable plastics are also gaining popularity. You can adopt the concept of " Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" and wherever possible, encourage the use of environmentally friendly products.

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