Step 1.)Write a letter to the credit bureaus addressing your disputes.  In the top left hand corner of the letter you will need to put your date, name, address, city, state, zip code and social security number. Tab down at least three spaces on your letter and you will address the letter to the Complaint Department. You will need to put the name of the company, address, city, state and zip code under this heading. Tab down at least two spaces and add the salutation “To whom it may concern” unless you have a specific person to send it to. Inform the addressee why you are writing this letter and provide them with the information you wish to dispute.

Step 2.) Add the accounts in your letter you are disputing.  You will need to document all of the inaccuracies on your credit report in this letter that needs to be corrected or removed. These errors will consist of the spelling your name incorrectly or wrong name on the report. If the address they have on file is wrong that will need to be addressed to. If you have any errors with your accounts, please list each account on the letter. Please include the name of the account, account number and the information on the account you are disputing. You will need to do this for each account you want the credit bureau to address

Step 3.)Enclose documentation validating your disputes. Provide them with documents supporting your position on these disputes. Do not send original documentation give them copies only. You may also want to include a copy of your credit report highlighting your disputes. Inform the credit bureau you would like for the aforementioned information to be corrected or removed from your credit report within thirty days. This is the amount of time credit bureaus have to investigate the claims on your account. As stated on “credit reporting companies must investigate the items in question usually within 30 days unless they consider your dispute frivolous.”

Step 4.)Review other credit reports to check for inaccuracies on them. If Transunion have errors on your report it is likely the other two credit bureaus Experian and Equifax may have the same information or something different.  Once the investigation is complete the other bureaus will be notified by Transunion if the information should be removed or corrected on their file.  Although they will be notified it is always good to get all three of your credit reports and review them thoroughly. These reports could contain information that may not be on your Transunion report and vice versa.  You can obtain all three credit reports yearly for free at

Step 5)Send your letter by certified mail. Request a “return receipt” which will help you keep track of when the bureau received your letter and when the process of investigation should begin.


Credit Reports