Halloween cat makeupIf you need a fast costume this Halloween, think about going with some easy-to-apply, Halloween cat makeup. Little cat ears and possibly a tail are all you need to complete a cute, cat costume.

Things You Will Need

Yellow-orange face paint

White face paint

Dark orange face paint

Black face paint

Makeup sponges

Thin paint brush

Step 1

Mix any colors you need for your Halloween cat makeup. Non-grease pain face paint will wash off easier at the end of the night, but may not look as smooth when applied.

Step 2

Halloween cat makeup (30363)

Using a sponge, spread pale, yellow-orange Halloween cat makeup from your hairline down past the apples of your cheeks and to the tip of your nose.

Step 3

Use a new sponge to spread the face makeup from the base of the yellow-orange paint and down the rest of the face. The front of the neck can be painted as well, depending on how your costume is shaped.

Step 4

Halloween cat makeup eyes

Get more white on the sponge if needed. Draw a box of white from the eyelid to just above the eyebrow. Fill it in. You may want to use a white eyeshadow on the eyelid to avoid caking.

Step 5

Halloween cat makeup orange spots

Press a sponge, covered in dark orange paint, to the center of your forehead. This will create variation in the look of your Halloween cat makeup, like fur. Place one mark on each side of your eyes and one to each side of your mouth.

Step 6

Use a paint brush with black, Halloween cat makeup on it to draw around the inner edge of the white box above your eye. It should be rounded at the corner and stop at the opposite side.

Step 7

Make a series of disconnected, feathery loops on the outside edge of the white box to create the appearance of tufts of fur. Two or three will do.

Step 8

Halloween cat makup lines

Freshen the black, Halloween cat makeup on the paint brush as needed. Draw a line from the inner corner of the eye, down the edge of the nose - still on the cheek though - and down to the corner of the lip. The bottom should bow outward, creating a large, hollow spot just beneath the nose. Draw this line on both sides to keep the Halloween cat face paint symmetrical.

Step 9

Halloween cat makeup nose and whiskers

Paint the tip of the nose black and draw a line down the center of the tip of the nose to the middle of the upper lip - through the Cupid's bow.

Step 10

Draw a series of thin, black lines up the bottom of the jawline and chin.

Step 11

Paint the lips black.

Step 12

Draw three lines outward from the line down your Cupid's bow. These are your whiskers.

Step 13

Halloween cat makeup roar

Add spots or stripes as you see fit. Keep it symmetrical for the best looking Halloween cat makeup.