Everyone wants to go to Las Vegas at some point in their life. I happened to decide to go at the age of 21 and was more broke than I could have ever dreamed. But I also managed to spend five days in Las Vegas and enjoy a more than fine time for a whopping cost of only 600 dollars, which is not bad for airfare cross country, hotel stay, meals, and entertainment for the entire trip. The secret is knowing how to spend your time and your money, and what to avoid!

Step one is to learn the best way to drink in Las Vegas. We all know that drinks in the bar are expensive, and the Las Vegas strip takes this to a whole new extreme. In a land of 5 dollar beers and 12 dollar mixed drinks for the cheap stuff, learning how to go out and still have a good time in Las Vegas is a must. My first suggestion is bring your own liquor from home. The liquor stores on the strip mark the prices of their booze up 30-40 percent! Furthermore, this will serve as a good pregame choice before you go out and get your wallet emptied at the bars. Another option is the old casion heist. No I don't mean steal from the casino to afford your bar tab, but instead, take advantage of the free drinks offered to gamblers. If you walk in to the casino with twenty dollars in fives, you can get fairly drunk and maybe even leave with 5 bucks in your pocket if it is a slow night (rare in Vegas). Here's what you do.. Go in and sit down at a penny slot machine. Sit there and wait for a cocktail waitress to come by. When she does, flag her down and ask her for the drink of your choice waving the money at her. When she returns with your drink, tip her a 10 and tell her to keep them coming. Then after you have gotten your first drink, put a five dollar bill into the machine and play one credit at a time, or one penny per spin, and only play a credit every minute or two (this will give you plenty of time to drink). Hopefully after about 10 spins you have received your second or even third drink and are going strong in the drinking department. Continue the process, tipping the waitress again only if she is slacking on bringing more drinks, or in other words give her incentive to start coming back again. After a round of this, if you must go to a bar or club, at least you will only need to buy a drink or two to keep the buzz going.t

How to entertain yourself in Vegas is a big deal. There are some cheap shows and what not, but these are only necessary if you insist on seeing one. To be honest, walking around and seeing all the hotels and the amazing things they have to offer is plenty to take up a few days. There are also free shows on the strip at night at both Treasure Island and the Bellagio fountains. The most important thing to remember about entertaining yourself in Vegas is the food. Expect to spend a minimum of twenty dollars per person per meal, and don't worry about the cost as it is Vegas and you should eat well. Whatever it is you decide to do there, you can find a way to do it cheap.

Overall, there is always a way to do Las Vegas on a budget and still have a good time. Some other helpful tips include going during the winter, it won't be the warm desert weather you hear about, but the hotel and airfares seem to be cheaper. Also, the more people you travel with, the better deals you can get on flights and rooms. Avoid renting cars or taking taxis as these will almost certainly cost you more than you could ever imagine in gas, parking fees, taxi fares, etc. You can either walk, or buy a 3 day pass for The Deuce for around 12 dollars, which is the public bus that makes runs up and down the strip 24/7. Hopefully this helps you decide on if you can afford a trip to Las Vegas, or even better encourages you to go in the first place. Have a great time and be safe!