Howto do zombie makeupDo you want to be a zombie for Halloween, but you don't know how to do zombie makeup? This guide will give you the most realistic and frightening Halloween zombie makeup.

Things You Will Need

Boned, skinless chicken


Liquid latex

Stage makeup

Liquid blood

Step 1

Tear chicken off the bone using your fingers. The use of your fingers instead of a knife will create varying size as well as ragged edges.

Step 2

Pat the chicken dry with paper towels.

Step 3

Wash your hands thoroughly and apply Noxzema to the face and any areas you want to do zombie makeup on.

Step 4

Using liquid latex, brush a bit directly onto the skin where you want to do the Halloween zombie makeup.

Step 5

Lay a strip of chicken over the latex. Apply liquid latex to the top of the chicken piece to hold it in place and seal it in.

Step 6

Lay another piece of chicken next to, or on top of, the first one. Repeat the process until the zombie makeup injury is as deep and ragged as you would like.

Step 7

Apply stage foundation in your skin color, to your face, the chicken pieces and the skin around the chicken pieces if it is on parts other than the face.

Step 8

Use yellow, brown and red stage makeup at the edges of the chicken pieces and in places you wish to have bruises on your regular skin. This is vital for how to do zombie makeup that looks realistic. The mottling o these three colors will give a bruised and dead discoloration.

Step 9

Red stage makeup - deep red, like coagulated blood if you are doing Halloween zombie makeup for a long-dead zombie, or a lighter red for fresh blood - should be applied liberally inside of the injury.

Step 10

When the makeup blends with your skin adequately, use liquid blood to finish your Halloween zombie makeup. Pour liquid blood into the wound and rock your head from side-to-side to spread the blood and give it a splattered look.

Step 11

Optional: Spread liquid blood around your lips and mouth to appear as if you've been eating people.

Step 12

Optional: The bones from the chicken can be placed into the middle of the chicken pieces around the elbow, knees or other bony parts of the body. This will look like bones were broken and broke through the skin.

Tips & Warnings

Do not place chicken around the mouth or over the eyes. This will risk infection.

The chicken will be fine to wear for a number of hours without smelling bad because of the latex.

White contacts are a great addition when you want to do zombie makeup.