There are many websites on the internet that promise that you can do a free cell phone lookup, but the reality is that most of them promise a free service, but they then lead to a paid service. The companies that collate this information, usually have to pay to get it, so they then have to charge people to use it.

It is possible however conduct your own free reverse cell phone search on the internet. Here is how you go about it.

Many people post their cell phone number on the internet at some point whether it is on a forum, dating website, online resume or in a classified advertisement. Using these methods should help to find the owner.

Things You Will Need

The cell phone number you want to look up and an internet connection.

Step 1

The first three digits of course are the area code for the number. If you are unsure of the area, first do a search for something like 916 area code in Google. Or you can use the area code search feature in white pages:

Step 2

Once you know the area, just put in the cell phone number in Google, without any other characters and see what you can find.

Step 3

If you can't find what you are looking for, use quotation marks around the number to tell Google you want an exact match, like "916 343 343". This is a ficticious number that I am just using to provide an example. You can also try leaving the area code out of the quotation marks like: 916 "343 343".

Step 4

The next step is to run a search using the city name that you found out from step 1, like "Sacramento 343 343" or by using the state: "California 343 343".

Step 5

If you still cannot get a result, go to the website Board Tracker indexes thousands of forums, which Google doesn't necessarily keep in its index. Many people post their telephone numbers on the internet, without realizing that it can be easy for people to find later.

Step 6

If you still can't find it, your next step is to try and use the advanced search features of social websites like Facebook and Myspace. Finally, if you still cannot locate the owner after exhausting all of these methods, you might want to try the service from Reverse Phone Detective. They charge a small fee for their service, and you can first type in the number to see if they have information on the number, before paying. If you pay and still cannot find the owner they offer a money back guarantee.

Tips & Warnings