Many young adults will leave home for the first time to go off to college.Some of them may not have had to do their own laundry themselves or do not know how.Therefore,I would like to give them some instruction on how to do their own laundry.

Wash and dry

Things You Will Need

Before beginning to do laundry,you will need laundry detergent.In addition,you may need bleach for the lightening of white clothing.Also,you will need access to a washing machine and dryer and about three clothes baskets.Now you are ready for the preparation of your clothing for laundering.

Step 1

Gather the clothing that is intended for washing.Separate or sort the clothing into groups of colored clothes,light and white clothes.Put each color in a clothes basket.Colored clothes are washed separate from the other clothes.Light and white clothes may be washed together,when bleach is not used.Otherwise,wash them separately.When a clothing item has a mixture of any colors along with white and light,it can be washed with the colored clothes.Be careful when washing articles of clothing that are solid red,because the red color may fade or "bleed" onto clothing that is of mix of colors and of white and light.You may test the red article for fading by placing it in a sink of cold water.If the water turns red, do not wash the red article with the mixed colored item.Wash the red article with colored clothing or wash separately.When your clothing has been sorted into the proper color groupings,you may wash clothing in the washing machine.

Step 2

Set the dial on the washing machine to the cold temperature to wash colored clothing.Also, set the dial for the load size as it pertains such as,small,medium,or large.For medium and large loads of clothing add about a cap of washing detergent.Use about half a cap for a small load.Turn on the machine,and add colored clothing. When the inside tub of the washing machine is filled,the load is a large load.Be careful not to overload the washing machine,or it may begin to rock very hard during the washing process.After the colored clothes have finished washing,remove them from the washing machine and place in the dryer.

Step 3

Now,set the dryer on a regular or cotton cycle and start the dryer.While these clothes are drying,add washing detergent to the washing machine , as done previously,and proceed to wash light color clothing.These are usually washed in warm water,but they can be washed in cold water to minimize shrinkage of clothing.You may also wash white color clothing with the light colors if not bleaching white clothing.Otherwise, wash whites separately with bleach.When bleaching whites , add about a three-quarter cup of bleach for a large load.Also, add the appropiate amount of washing detergent for the load size. Adjust the amount for a small load to about half a cup of bleach.Periodically,check on the condition of the colored clothes that are drying within the dryer. Open the dryer door,and the dryer should stop automatically.Next,feel the clothes to determine their level of dryness.Remove dry clothes.Shut door to continue drying damp clothes.Please, try not to overdry clothes.When the light and white clothes are finished washing,dry them also.After all the clothes are dry,fold them and place in the clothes baskets.

There is special clothing that may require special care,these may be fine materials such as,silk,wool and others.These may not be machine washable and may need to be dry cleaned.Some clothing may be intended for machine washing on a delicate cycle or hand wash.In these instances,follow the instructions on the care label inside of the garment.Washing your own clothing away from home is simple and easy.When clothes are washed properly,they last longer.

Tips & Warnings

Caution:Do no allow bleach to come directly into contact with colored clothes.Bleach will strip the clothes of their color.