To do online dating, it's much different than dating in your normal life. Online dating is something that a lot people have turn to. With the internet becoming the way of life for our society, it's become normal to have cyber pals. I understand sometimes a needs to broaden your horizon, living in one place you don't always find the kind of dates that you're looking for. A lot of online dating websites help try to find partners of your match. I'm not particularly fond of these sites, but I've not tried them either. I guess my problem is online dating websites tend to match each person's preference, and interests. Although that can be important, I've never felt preferences is what makes a relationship meaningful. That doesn't mean that you can't find a meaningful and relationship online. I've known plenty who have tried online dating, and have ended up getting married to this person and they're as happy as can be. Sometimes it can be easier to communicate and open up more on a computer, than in person. So I'm not one to discredit it and think nothing good can come out of it. There are plenty of important ways to go about online dating, though.

Things You Will Need

common sense
background checks on the internet

Step 1

Use common sense. First off, realize there are plenty of scammers online, even on social dating sites. Online sex offenders and scammers will target these sites. Don't give out personal information. A first name at most, nothing more until you've found out more about this person. Also, some people try to get you to donate money to them, avoid these scammers as well. They are scammers, they're not in serious need of money like they'll claim. Who goes to a stranger online for money anyways? Exactly, common sense wins.

Step 2

Do a background check. A person online can lie, and hide everything that they really are online. Do a background check on them. Do this by searching the internet with their screen name, or real name and try to find out more about them. Check up on them on myspace, or facebook to see if the things they've told you are true. It's good if you can see people on social networks also engaging with these people in pleasant ways. It can help you establish that maybe they have a few marbles upstairs, and they're not a complete whack job.

Step 3

Do a criminal background check. If you've gained their full name, and where they are, check up on them and see they're not a criminal. Always do a criminal background check online. Especially if you're going to meet this person. Do not meet this person if you don't have a background check on them.

Step 4

Ask for a picture. It's good to match a face to them, so you know they're not really a 60 year old pervert, instead of a 21 year old guy like they claim they are. It's very easy for anyone to obtain pictures that is not them, so ask for a picture of them doing something that can prove it's them. For example, tell them to take a picture of themselves, holding their hand up, with the word "godfather" on it. That way you know that its really them, and they're not just posting pictures of cousins, friends, or just random people online.

Step 5

Bring a friend if you go to meet them. Bring another friend, maybe a guy if you're a girl. Meet in a public place, don't meet them somewhere privately first. Meet at a mall, movie theater, somewhere that is safe. Array

Tips & Warnings