One of the biggest factors to consider when starting a strength training program is the need to determine your current level of fitness. It's a bit of a cliché, but it is best to consult a GP before starting a new exercise routine. If you are already an active person then lifting weights might be a natural progression for you. Most people have the potential for great improvements in size and strength, unfortunately it is easy to become misguided by the type of steroid induced body builders featured in fitness magazines. Be realistic in what you want to achieve as people progress at different rates.

There is no easy way to build new size and strength, no amount of fad diets or trendy routines can take the place of hard work and dedication. If you decide to join a gym don't be afraid to look over a few so as to determine which one is best for your needs. For instance some gyms have a free weights bench while others have a smith machine. The former is the better option for the novice weight lifter as more muscle fibres are recruited when lifting free weights compared with machines or cables. If you wish to train at home then all you really need is a pair of dumbbells, a sturdy barbel and a selection of weights. There are more benefits to training at a gym as there are less distractions than at home.

The gym atmosphere will act as a motivator, getting you in the mood for a workout. To obtain the best gains from your weights workout it is best to choose exercises that recruit a large number of muscle groups. For instance the bench press is what is known as a multi-joint exercise in that a large number of muscles are involved in moving the weight. Other important mass building exercises include the military press, barbel row, shoulder press and the dead lift. These are the mass building exercises and by performing them you can pack on plenty of muscle and build up your strength. There are plenty of web sites about how to perform these exercises which can be found easily on any decent search engine.