Along with the reverse crunch the bicycle crunch provides a good workout for the abs. It works both the upper and lower abs.

1. Start off by laying on a comfortable mat or carpet. Place hands on the side of your head. Lift both your legs of the ground and extend outwards. (Try and get them as high of the ground as you can).

2. Bend one leg and bring it towards your chest. Ensure that your abs are tight and tensed and you are breathing correctly. Bring the elbow of the opposite arm towards the knee.

3. Now take the bent leg and put it into the same position as the other leg. (so now it will be lifted and extended outwards). Bend the other leg and bring it towards your chest. Repeat the same process with this leg.

4. Keep alternating so it looks as though you are riding a bike.

Bicycle Crunch Demo

Repeat the exercise slowly and make sure you stretch as much as you can to get the best out of it. Some people will find that they are not able to touch the elbow towards the knee or bring the knee too close towards their chest. Not to worry, try your best. Movements should be controlled, steady and fun too. Good luck!