Here is a hilarious practical joke that is quite easy to pull off . Everyone knows of the explosion-like reaction when you add Mentos breath mints to Diet Coke right?. Well , that reaction is the basis of this prank . Basically how this prank works is you freeze a few Mentos in some ice cubes , place those ice cubes in a glass of diet cola , serve to your prank victim , wait a few minutes for the ice to melt , then boom you've got yourself one confused person !

Things You Will Need

Ice tray , Mentos , Diet Coke

Step 1

Get your ice cube tray and place 3 or 4 Mentos in it(one for each cube ) .

Step 2

Fill you ice cube tray with water (very cold water ) . Remember not to put too much water in your tray . The less water you put in the tray , the faster the cubes will melt. Also make sure that the water you use is very cold . The water needs to be cold to prevent the Mentos from dissolving inside the tray.

Step 3

Place the ice cube tray in the freezer .

Step 4

Once your Mentos ice cubes are frozen , place 3 or 4 of them into a glass of diet Cola and serve the drink to your victim . Be sure not to perform this prank anywhere something is in jeopardy of getting ruined , i.e . a computer desk or over new carpet .

Step 5

Once your prank victim has accepted the soda , all that is left to do now is wait . It is going to take about 5 minutes for the cubes to melt and expose the Mentos to the cola , this will cause an immediate overflow of your victims drink and leave him/her extremely confused . Ashton Kutcher said it best........ "You Got Punk'd! "

Tips & Warnings