Here is a prank that you should be careful with who you use it on . Here is how the prank works , you fill up an airtight plastic container with milk , along with a chicken drumstick , you then hide the container where someone won't find it for a week or two . The chemical reaction of the rotting chicken leg and spoiling milk will create enough pressure to eventually burst the container open , creating a vial wretched stench that will be nearly impossible to get rid of ..... yikes .

Things You Will Need

A chick drum stick , Milk , a plastic container

Step 1

Prepare everything you need for this prank . i.e an airtight container , milk , and a drumstick.

Step 2

Pour milk into the container until it is nearly full .

Step 3

Drop a chicken drumstick inside.

Step 4

Wait. It is going to take 1-2 weeks for the spoiling milk to create enough pressure to cause the container to burst open . Whoever you pull this prank on better have a pretty good sense of humor , as this prank is border line cruel

Tips & Warnings