Whether it’s algebra, world history or French, there’s always going to be one class, (maybe more) that will always bring down your GPA. Here are some ways to do well even if you have no idea what’s going on in the class.


  1. Raise your hand. Answer questions, even if your wrong, your teacher will see that you’re trying and paying attention.

  2. Come in for extra help every few weeks. You should even come in after school or during lunch once in a while to ask how your doing and if there are any ways to improve your grade.

  3. Do ALL of your homework. No matter how stupid it may seem, homework is usually a big percentage of your grade. If you can get 100% on homework, chances will be that your grade will not be so bad.

  4. Do extra credit and take advantage of big projects. As you get older, it’s rare that you’ll ever see these two so really try your hardest with these.

  5. Stay organized. Sit down one weekend and sort out your papers. Buy dividers if you have to. Staying organized really gives you confidence and is proven to help you do better. So get started.

  6. Never procrastinate! It’s a terrible habit and is hard to get rid of. If your teacher told you about that big test or that paper due in two weeks, get started on it now rather than cramming it in. Be strong and do a little studying, writing, or whatever it is. It will seriously help you in the long run.

  7. Take good notes. If you were absent, ask your teacher for the notes or copy them from a friend who you know will have them. Keep a notepad with you so you can keep all your notes in order.

  8. Learn time management. It is a useful skill wherever you are. If you have 3 major tests coming up nest week and a paper due in a few days, set blocks of 30 minutes- an hour for each subject. Take short 10-minute breaks in between.

  9. Remove distractions. Turn off you cell phone, shut down your computer, (unless it will help you study.) if your going to listen to music, keep it quiet so your mind doesn’t wonder.

  10. Never give up! Keep trying you’re hardest and keep in mind that this is your future. No matter how hard or challenging things may be, perseverance will get your through it all.


There is so much more you could do! All you have to do is stay focused and determined. Try your best and study hard. Make your own study guides and tons of flashcards. It’s a proven fact that people who use flashcards for vocab test do much better than people who do not.