The ACT is a practical knowledge test that is based on what you have learned in high school. The 225 question test is curriculum based and offered in all 50 states. This test is a way for colleges to compare students from many different backgrounds, schools, and other unique areas. The score range is a 1 to 36 with a 36 being the best. The national average for the ACT is a 21.1, but I will teach you how to take the ACT! With my methods, I guarantee a good grade and acceptance into college if you try hard enough, put in enough sweat, and be smart about the test.


It is very hard to study for something as broad as the ACT, but there are books out there and study materials that can help you score a higher grade. Websites are another good source for ACT prep. Many schools offer a prep class on how to do well for the ACT, so you might want to look into that. Many classes, prep sessions, or books you buy or get for free might focus less on the material and more on how to do well on the ACT. What I mean by that is it will give you test taking strategies that will help you do succeed. Many of these places might charge you money, but if you get another $2,000 in scholarship then I bet I won't see any complaining. Studying in groups makes the test a lot more bearable and can actually be fun.

Last minute adjustments

Make sure the day before your test that your calculator you bring in, which I advise a TI 81 or TI 82, has batteries in it and is working well. Also, make sure that you bring two No. 2 pencils because your answers are filled in on a scan-tron that requires No. 2 pencils. Make sure to bring a sweatshirt because the rooms, wherever you take them, can be chilly, and a cold room distracts me greatly. As for the night before, I hope this goes without saying, but you need plenty of sleep. This is a long test, so you need plenty of rest and energy. In the morning, eat a good breakfast and something to give you energy, and set out early for your ACT test location. You wouldn't want to be late and miss the test. Make sure to turn off your phone and good luck!

The test

The test is broken down into four sections: English, Math, Reading, and Science. Each part is timed and each has a different number of questions, the English has the highest and the Reading the lowest. You start out taking the English, then Math, and then a break. After the break, you take Reading, then Science, and then you go home! I hope that you do well on the test and have an optimistic attitude because it will take some time before you get the test back. Good luck on test, and I hope you do well.