We all can donate clothes to those in need. We all have baby clothes, or old clothes that are no longer a use to us anymore. What we don't need can be donated to the needed. Instead of throwing away old shirts and pants, you can make a difference and donate clothes. There are lots of people who can't afford clothes, and especially in this economy, I think to donate clothes should be made more of an effort. I just packaged up four bags of old clothes, to be donated. We should all make an effort to get more involved in charity, and giving to those in need.

Things You Will Need


Step 1

Pick out what you want to donate. Go downstairs, or dig through your closet. There are plenty of clothes that we no longer wear, or need. Maybe we've out grown them, or just don't use them. They can be nice clothes even, hey, it can be your good deed for the day. So search through the clothes that you'll donate to the needed. Get a big black trash bag, something where you can put the clothes in.

Step 2

Find a good will store. I like to donate clothes to good will. Just google in Good Will, and you should find a few that pop up that is near your area. I really like Good will, they use 84 percent on their funds, to help with education, career services, and other goods. The clothes are extremely cheap, and easy for those to afford who can't go to Penny's to buy those 50 dollar jeans. To donate clothes, you are helping those who are less fortunate.

Step 3

Donate clothes to the salvation army. You can google in salvation army, and read their website. Find ways to help donate clothes. Click on ways to give. There are different options for your to choose froom, when it comes to donating. If you are donating clothes, then click on clothing. Then click on the red link at the bottom, where it says find a family store near you. To find a salvation army store near you, type in your local zip code. Then you are set to go donate clothes to the salvation army. Array

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