When someone says I can't draw the one thing they guarantee is they won't even try because they have decided they can't do it but the basic facts are simple, everybody can draw including you.

Writing your name uses very similar brain activity and motor skills so the fact is this, if you can write your name you can draw. The real problem is you don't know how, so keep telling yourself that you can't, so you won't.

Quick pencil drawing

Do you only think you can't draw because you don't know how, you see when we see artists drawing we most often see these people drawing free hand without looking at something. Even when we see them drawing when looking at something we most often see them doing it free hand and we think that is how it is done so we try it ourselves. Then when we try to do it the way we think they are doing it we can't do it that way because we don't really have a clue.

We then often make a mess and give up as quickly as we started completely feeling defeated, saying we can't draw.

The fact of the matter is this an artist who can just pick up a pencil and draw something free hand from their mind can do this because they have had plenty of practice before hand. I have never ever met a person who could draw free hand when first being given a pencil and they couldn't ever do it without some practice before hand, I have been drawing for close on 40 years and even I need a bit of practice to get the old cogs moving.

We all need to understand a few basic principles about how artists draw free hand before we even try because if we don't then we will fail and judge ourselves as failures to never try again with the, I can't draw syndrome.

Do you know something? "Yes, you can draw"

And, what's more you can draw anything you want to draw, people, places, cartoons, motorbikes, cars, dogs, just about anything if you take a little time to learn how.

Watch a professional artist drawing something the first thing he does is construct a basic outline on which to build his drawing and this is done by measuring, it is the construction drawing.

The artist then builds onto this simple construction framework, first with light pencil marks so they can easily be covered later if they are in the wrong places and he keeps looking back and to from the subject to the drawing looking for information to translate onto the paper. The artist looks again and again at the subject in front of them to make sure that everything is right. Only when satisfied does the artist move on towards finishing the drawing with the final darker marks that are intended to be permanent.

How to draw easy starts at the beginning a professional artist is careful about preparing properly before working towards a finished drawing. "So, how can you expect to learn to draw without any preparation?"

"Do you really think you can learn to draw expertly without putting in a little preparation time first?"