Your blog or website can be significantly more relevent if the right steps are taken. You need to use the correct title and back links in order to drive traffic to your blog or website. This article discusses the best known ways of increasing traffic to a blog or website.

Things You Will Need

Internet connection.

Step 1

Use the correct title with keyword rich phrases. You need to analyse your title before clicking the submit button. You need to do a personal search to asses competition and decide what keywords best describe your article. Choose a title that's not that common, but not so rare that no one searches for it. Try to keep your title straightforward, simple, and unique. You want to catch the reader's eye as they skim through the competition.

Step 2

Create quality content and do grammar checks. Grammar checks are necessary for a high-ranking. Your content must also have relevant information that people can use. Don't use constant run ons in your content and keep it simple and straightforward. You don't want to use words that are too complex for an audience to understand.

Step 3

Put your site on social bookmarking sites. Sites like Xomba and Digg are famous for they're ability to generate traffic for you. All you have to do is add your article or blog and watch the traffic trickle in. You will also increase your page rank because of the back links.

Step 4

Create a quality introduction that grabs attention. Next to your title, your introduction determines success or failure. If you have a boring and low quality introduction, the readers are likely to click backspace. You also want your introduction to be no larger than 200 words. You want to keep them on the page but you don't want your introduction to make or break your site's success on that topic.

Step 5

Create a lot of content. Sites like google will rank your site according to many factors, and one of them is the amount of content you have related to that search. A site with 100 pages of content is more likely to rank highly than a site with only 75 pages of content.

Step 6

Don't be too colorful and unique with your sites colors. I'm not saying you should dull your website down, but you want your readers to be able to clearly read your content without much eye strain. So try to be as concervative as possible with your text and background colors.


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