Learn how to create successful looking garage sale signs and ultimately drive more traffic to your sale.

Things You Will Need

Black Marker
Neon Bristol Board
Clear Wide Tape

Step 1

Take your Bristol Boards and carefully map out the areas where you want to place them; 6 designated for traffic coming from either side. A great tip is to use neon color boards as these are more likely to grab peoples attention and are easily spotted from far distances making it easier for the drivers to follow and not get mistaken for another garage sale sign.

Step 2

Make sure you draw on a large arrow at the bottom of each sign with a thick black marker. Note, it is important to draw the arrow pointing in the correct direction for the given spot you are going to place it. Make sure you write the location you will be placing the sign on the back of each board so you can easily grab it from the pile when you are at your location.

Step 3

There are 3 key points of info you need to put on your sign, but not all have the same amount of importance.
• Garage Sale
• Location
• Date
Make sure the 'Garage Sale' lettering is the most prominent on the sign. Although the location and date info is important, not many people driving 40 miles per hour are going to be able to read the fine print, so don't worry so much about these.

Step 4

Once all the sign are done, a great tip is to add a few balloons to the sign entering your street. This will let the driver know he/she is on the street with the sale and to no longer look for signs but the actual house having maybe failed to see the street name and number.
The most important thing to remember when creating and placing your signs is to get the attention of the drivers to follow your signs. Aim for high traffic areas and don't spread your signs too close together or too far apart and you will get the traffic you want. Good Luck.

Tips & Warnings

Be sure to place your signs out the night before the sale and not earlier or later. Avid garage sale hunters are out early and you don't want to be fiddling around with signs the morning of when you should be setting up, or the day before when they could be destroyed by vandals or mistaken for an old garage sale, or worse off have people coming to your house on a regular day.