Hydrangea flowers are really lovely when dried and can last and remain beautiful for many years . Dried hydrangeas can rival those artificial flowers purchased from florist shops in beauty. Hydrangeas come in colors such as pink, white and blue. Here are a few tips on how to dry hydrangeas.

Things You Will Need

hydrangeas,silica gel,vase

Step 1

The key in drying hydrangeas is in cutting the flowers at the right time. If the flowers are cut in peak bloom, they may contain moisture and may take more time to dry. If it is cut too late, the flowers may turn brown after drying. You can see tiny flowers on top of a big hydrangea flower. The right time to cut them is when the tiny flower is opened. Cut each flower with a stem of length 15 inches.

Step 2

There are a number of ways to dry hydrangeas. The oldest and simplest among them is the air drying method . In this method the stems are tied together and hung upside down in a dark , dry place. The stems should be kept in a warm environment, but never expose them to light. The darkness helps to preserve the original color of the flower.

Step 3

In the water drying method, the stems are placed in a vase. Add 2 tablespoons of water for every 2 stalks of flowers. Keep the vase in a dark, dry place . Don't add more water to the vase as the water evaporates. Allow all the water in the vase to evaporate and you can take the dried flowers.

Step 4

Silica gel method is the most effective as well as the costliest hydrangea drying method. Place the stem in a plastic container slightly the larger than the stem itself. Pour silica gel crystals at the bottom of the container until it forms a half inch thick layer. Then place the stem at the centre of the layer and pour more silica gel crystals around the hydrangea flower until it is submerged in about an inch of crystals. Put a lid on the container and store in a dry, dark place for four days. The advantage of this method is that the natural color of the hydrangeas is preserved.

Tips & Warnings