How to do eBay - Relisting an item to get it sold

How to eBay - Relisting an item



How to eBay – Relisting your item and why you should do it

So, your item did not sell. It happens and it can be disappointing but you have a chance to take another pop at the market. Here are the reasons why you should list it again, why it may not have sold and what you can do about it.


How to eBay – Why Relist my item?

There are a number of reasons why you should relist your item. The first one that you may not think about but is obvious once you start using eBay is the fact that after so many days an unsold item will drop off your unsold item list. I am not sure how many days it currently is. The problem with this is that the time and effort you spent listing the item, checking the details of the item for the description, writing a description, uploading a picture, weighing the item to find the postage cost are all wasted if the item drops off your unsold list. Unless you have saved the description, which is a good idea, and the postage rates, and definitely the pictures, it can be a waste of time repeating the process.

Another reason for relisting your item to eBay is that for every second, every moment it is not listed is a second that someone might be looking for that item on eBay and if your item is not listed it cannot be found. If you think of this scenario being like a shop on a street. It is hard to imagine why the shopkeeper or assistant would take items out of the window for a day if those goods were available for sale in the store or the back of the store. If you think of your item lying in your unsold list in the same way, relisting it starts to make sense. I have personally missed out on bidding on some items that I had been watching that nobody bid on and the seller has not relisted the item again months later. The result is a wasted opportunity and disappointment for the buyer but especially the seller.

How to eBay – Why did my item not sell?

There may be many reasons why an item did not sell. Firstly, consider the title and description. This is covered in another article I have written soon to be uploaded. The pictures on the listing are important too.

The problem may be that your item was priced too highly or, (especially if it is a Buy it Now listing) too low.

It is also important to remember that despite eBay having thousands of users in most countries it may be that the person who is willing to buy your item may not want to buy it right now. They may not be willing to buy it at the price you are asking. They may not have been searching for it when you had it listed on eBay. This is linked to the reasons for relisting because any delays in relisting the item result in lost time when someone may have been looking for your item but it was not listed.


How to eBay – What Can I Do to Sell my Item now?

One aspect of eBay I find frustrating as a seller is an item that has someone or a number of people watching it that does not attract any bids. I realise that often people watch an item to observe if it attracts any bids and if it does to find out how much it sells for. Often they will do this because they have the same or similar item that they are selling or are considering selling.

If this has happened to you do not be discouraged as it may be that someone watching the item genuinely missed the end of the auction but intended to bid. Relisting is the solution to this problem.

eBay may suggest revising the price of an item. Unless you know that you are within the right price range with your starting bid or Buy it Now price it may be worth checking out what other items like yours have sold for recently. You can do this by typing a search term for your item into the search box. The results that show up will be current listings but if you select “Completed listings” the page will change to show auctions that have ended for items the same or similar to your search term. Prices shown in green are those that have sold. Red prices are items that have not sold. The green prices are the ones to focus on and when you find an item similar or the same as yours ensure that the price you have listed your item at is in line with what items have sold for recently.

You may make the decision to not list at that price if you feel that you would not receive a bid that would reflect the value of the item to you. It can be easy to forget sometimes that a lot of eBay buyers expect to get things for a fraction of their true value in the same way that many people who attend live auctions in person expect to. It is not necessary, wise or valuable use of your time or effort to sell things if you are not getting what you think is an acceptable price in return.

Other options include listing the item on the US and Canada websites if you have not tried that the previous time you listed the item. More eyeballs equal higher potential for a sale. Remember though, that electrical goods, for example, are not always easily usable in other countries. This means that in some instances the additional listing fee, small though it may be, can be wasted expense.

Reviewing postage costs may be worthwhile too. If other sellers are offering items with free postage is it something you could do?  Are they inflating the starting price or buy it now price of the item to allow them to offer free postage? Offering postage to other countries may result in you selling your item that would have been difficult to sell otherwise. You must be prepared to send the item overseas if you do list the item for international postage.

The process of relisting is really simple but the clock is always ticking, so get it done early and keep it out in the eBay shop window.