Soon with the winter months and holidays coming our expenses are going to increase. Most of us through the winter months have to pay for our own heat in the home and soon Thanksgiving and Christmas will be here. The holidays mean having to spend extra money on food and gifts. Most os us these days are on a tight budget and have to find ways to make a little extra cash. Now is the time to get prepared for the added expense. A few good ways to earn extra cash in your pocket and not have to wait for the money are; cleaning house, yard sale and shoveling sidewalks. Shoveling sidewalks weather permitting. These jobs put extra cash in your pocket instantly.

Things You Will Need

cleaning house-cleaning materials
yard sale- items to sale
shoveling snow-snow shovel

Step 1

Let friends and family know that you would be willing to clean their house for extra cash. This is a good way to earn extra cash around the holidays. Bring your house cleaning supplies. Show up and get the job done and let the cash fall into your hand.

Step 2

Now is the perfect time to get those unwanted items out of the basement or attic. Have a huge yard sale outside and collect the extra cash.

Step 3

Let friends and neighbors know now that you are available to clean sidewalks when it snows. Many people do need this service. Get the word out and when it snows people will be calling for you to come and shovel their sidewalk and possibly their driveway. Basically you need a shovel and dress warm. When the job is done; than collect the money.
With the economy and many people out of work; these are a few ways to earn some extra cash. Let people know your available for work. Around the holidays many people look for someone to come in and clean their home. Today many people are looking for bargains at yard sales. In the winter when there is heavy snow many senior citizens are in need of someone to come and shovel; because they can not do it themselves. Put a little extra cash in your pocket.

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