Credit: Free Download from Pixabay

EasyShift and Field Agent

Wouldn't it be great to make a few bucks on the side while doing your weekly grocery shopping?  I recently discovered, via Clark Howard, two apps that you can use to do just that. 

1- EasyShift by Quri, Inc

This app, published in February 2014, is used to collect product pictures, price, displays, etc. Once you create your account, be sure to link your PayPal email to it. PayPal is the only way to receive payments from this app. On the main screen, you will see pins all around your zip code. Understandably there are a good deal more pins in cities. I live in a rural area and only see a few pins at a time. If you tap on the pin, it will take you to another screen where you can view the "job" and reserve it if you wish to accept it. Once you accept the job you have 24 hours to complete it. The jobs I have done so far vary in number of questions and intensity. Here is a brief rundown of a typical "job".

1- Take at least one picture of the store exterior and include the store address

2- A few pictures need to be taken of the item on the shelf: the price of item, nutrition info, etc

3-  Answer a few questions such as product availability, competitors products, etc.

4- Pictures of surrounding shelves and possibly the front and back of the store

Once you have completed all the required steps, you submit the job for approval.  Most of the jobs I have submitted are approved in less then 24 hours. Once approved, the money is then automatically transferred to your PayPal. Most jobs pay about $4.00 with some paying bonuses. I once completed a beer display job for $5.00 and received a $1.00 bonus. Now this sounds like a lot of steps, but it takes less then 5 minutes to go through the questions and submit the job. Its perfect if you are already at the store and just want to make a few quick bucks.

 2- Field Agent by Northstar Parterning Group LLC

Do not be disheartened by the poor reviews on the app store. This app is super easy to use and pays out quickly. Although my zip code is not optimized by this app very much, when jobs do pop up they pay very well. It is very similar in purpose to Easy Shift. It allows you to search by zip code for jobs in your area. They also have surveys, audits, and scavenger hunt options. 

The first audit I accepted was a fragrance aisle audit at the local Walmart, for which I received $10.00. The audits are structured in such a way that, if the audit is not completed or reserved by an individual, the paying price will slowly go up. The first time I noticed this job it only paid $8.00 but as the week progressed it went to $10.00. It took me about 5 minutes to complete and involved taking pictures of the aisle and answering a few minor questions. The process is very similar to the steps listed above for the Easyshift app. Field Agent also requires that you have a Paypal Account to receive your payment. The biggest difference with Field Agent is that you have to go into your account settings (on a computer) and "cash out" to request a payment. Again, the money was in my account in less then 24 hours.  

As I mentioned, Field Agent offers a multitude of things to do besides audits. They have surveys, usually non-paying, that will match your skills or interests to future jobs. The scavenger hunts require you to find a particular item at a specific store location and take pictures of the item and the its UPC code. Sometimes they have product demo jobs, where you are paid to attend a product demo after answering a few simple questions. 

 There are a multitude of money making apps on the market. These are two that I have personally found to be efficient, user friendly and paying well. Good luck !