Are you interested in writing web content? Do you know how to earn from writing web content?

When you find information online, you do not need to pay a single cent.

You wonder why anyone wants to write web content, and let readers read for free.

How do those people earn from writing web content?

Since the readers do not pay a single cent for reading, the writers must earn from other sources. Let us see how you can make money from writing web content.

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense is a big earners for the various content websites.

You will find that the advertisements powered by Google appear everywhere within the text page.

The writers earn from the Google Adsense when the readers click on the advertisements. The writers earn from page impressions for image advertisements as well.

Let us suppose an article attracts 200 readers every day. Let us further suppose that 5 readers click on the advertisements. These 5 readers are the ones that help the writers to earn money. The other 195 readers do not generate a single cent for the writers.

That is why those writing web content love to see readers who click on the advertisements. They hate it when they see that out of 1000 readers, none clicks on the advertisements. That is a deep disappointment.

You can join InfoBarrel, Triond, Hubpages, Helium, Snipsly, and other websites if you are keen to make money from writing web content.

Joining these websites work better for beginners.

You can mingle with a community of writers, and learn the seo techniques of writing web content.

2. Affiliate links

Many banners in the side bars and the Amazon widgets are example of affiliate links.

When you want to buy a treadmill, it is logical that you read some reviews about the treadmill.

If you find a particular treadmill suits your need, and the writer has included the link to the merchant website, that is an example of how writers earn from affiliate links.

When you click through the link and buy the recommended products, the writer will get a commission.

That is another way to earn from writing web content.

Many experienced writers earn from commission rather than Google Adsense.

A click in Google Adsense may yield only 20 cents in revenue. However, a sale can produce a commission of $10.

3. Ghostwriting

Some writers are ghostwriters.

That means they prefer to sell the content to the webmasters, giving away all the rights to the articles.

The webmasters are in the internet marketing business. They hire writers who are good at writing web content.

They pay the writers by a fixed rate per article or a fixed rate per word.

Most webmasters who buy articles in bulk pay 1 cent per word. They may commission a bulk of 100 articles for a given topic.

The writers have to use the seo techniques in writing web content to write 100 articles.

If the webmaster wants a minimum of 400 words per article, the writer will make $4 per article. He will make $400 from writing 100 articles.

4. Selling content

Some writers join Constant-Content and Dailyarticle.

They write and post the content in the websites. The interested buyers will view a portion of the article before buying.

The writers will pay a commission to the websites.

Constant-Content is a website for established writers with perfect command of English. The clients are willing to pay $100 for an article. You can set your own selling price based on the recommended price.

They do not want the diluted quality of the content in many article directories. They want premium articles.

Dailyarticle does not such high standard. You get to set a price, even as low as $5 per article.

Are you interested in writing web content? If you have the right attitude and the right seo techniques for writing web content, you can make money.

The money is not enough to make you rich when you are in the first few years of writing web content. However, the money is enough to help you get out of debt.