After many years of just minor updates, Apple released a completely redesigned version of iTunes (iTunes 11) in late 2012. It has some new features like “Up Next” and greater integration with iCloud service. Also, the iTunes MiniPlayer design was completely revamped. There are also many changes in a design of user’s library – especially music and podcasts. The music albums now display bigger and after clicking on any album the view slides open to show the tracks of that particular album – the effect is the same as for app folders on iOS devices.

Podcasts view also has been completely redesigned and now shows a list of subscribed podcasts in the panel on the left side and podcast episodes in main window. The list of episodes is now much detailed and its height is now bigger than in standard list used in earlier iTunes versions.

iTunes podcasts view

The UI of podcasts list is completely different in iTunes 11

How to download all episodes at once

The problem I’ve faced with this new Podcasts view is that I cannot easily download all available episodes of any podcast that I’m subscribed to. The only way to download all episodes is to click on the download button for every single episode which is very annoying.

Clicking this button hundred times (for some of the more comprehensive podcasts) would lead to throwing my laptop out of the window :-)

iTunes Download one-by-one

I couldn’t believe that there is no way to do this now in the new Podcasts view. And there really isn’t.

Luckily, the old good list view from previous versions is still available. What you need to do is to click on the list button at the top of the Podcasts window.

The list view shows all episodes in a much simpler way but at least still has the ability to download all episodes at once. Simply click on the download button next to the podcast name as highlighted in following screenshot.

This button was my relief.

iTunes podcasts list

NOTE: you have to be subscribed to the podcast for being able to download all of them at once. Otherwise click on the Subscribe button first.

Automatic download of all new episodes

You can also setup iTunes to automatically download all new episodes of subscribed podcast; not just the most recent one - which is the default setting. What this means is when you launch iTunes say after one month and there are four new episodes of given podcast, it would download only the most recent one by default. This will make sure that all episodes are always downloaded automatically.

Simply click on the podcast and then click on the ‘Settings…’ button at the bottom of the window (or right-click on any episode and select the ‘Settings’ option). Uncheck the ‘Use Default Settings’ option on the Podcast Settings dialog that appears (make sure that your podcast name chosen in the ‘Settings for:’ drop-down menu). Then select the ‘Download all’ option for the ‘When new episodes are available’ setting and click OK.

iTunes podcasts settings


TIP: you don’t even need to download episodes that you want to listen to. Simply double click on any non-downloaded episode and it will be streamed directly from the iTunes Store so you don’t need to have it downloaded locally.

I hope this guide helps you if you are experiencing the same problem that I had.