The handy type of person who wants to renovate or improve their home can fix a new or old kitchen cupboard onto your wall to give them extra storage space. I intend to show you how to easily fix a cupboard onto your wall especially if you do not have an extra pair of hands available to help you out.

I am amazed at the way some people install or fix cupboards onto the walls in their homes. In the home we bought recently I store my heavy plates and bits and pieces in there. My husband noticed the other day that there was a space behind the top part of it and the wall. On further inspection he soon saw the reason for this; it was held onto the wall with 3 screws. This cupboard is over a meter wide with three cupboard doors, so my plates were lucky to survive.

I am surprised it hadn't fallen off completely with the weight of the things inside. I hope to show you a variety of ideas on how to remove and re-fix a cupboard onto your wall.

Things you will need to remove and re-fix the old cupboard:

  • Drill and tech gun
  • Screws
  • Glue, liquid nails and filler
  • Paint or stain
  • Sanding papers

Tip: If working on your own you can put something like a strong esky or sturdy bucket underneath to take the weight of it.

Method of removing cupboard:

If your cupboard is above another kitchen cupboard and depending on how large it is you can put a couple of things like a bucket or similar on top of the lower cupboard and then add something to build it up to take the weight of it on. We placed a couple of bricks on top. Make sure you place something on either end to keep it even so it won't fall.

Now that it is secure, undo the screws and take it outside to repair any faults. You may need to re nail the back on more securely or sand down and repaint or stain to your liking. This will make it look new again.

Check that the wall is solid where you are going to re-fix your cupboard. Ours was not. It did not have much to screw it securely onto. This may be why it only had three screws holding it onto the wall. When installing anything onto a wall you need to make sure that it is has a solid beam behind the wall that you can screw it onto.

The best way to do that is to tap on the wall until you find where the beam is. You will know by the change in the sound from a hollow to solid noise. If you do not have a full support in the middle then you may have to build a frame on which to screw your cupboard onto.

Building a frame

We built a frame and glued and screwed that onto the wall. We then cleaned up it then rested it onto the esky and bucket with bricks on top of these as it was too heavy for me to hold in place. My husband then screwed it securely back in place with screws into both ends top and bottom and in the middle of the frame. It will never fall off now.

Installing onto a solid wall

Again you need to find where the beams are behind the wall. It is no good screwing into a sheet of thin gyproc without a beam behind it and expect it to hold the weight of your cupboard and its contents. If you are fixing it onto a brick wall then it would be a good idea to put wall plugs into the wall before screwing it on.

If your wall is solid you will still need to fix and screw it each corner both top and bottom and in the middle as well to make sure it is secure.

Measuring where to place wall plugs


You will have to measure your cupboard then take measurements inside it so you know exactly where to drill so when you screw it up they will go into your wall plugs.

Chrome Supports


In some situations you could install a chrome support underneath the front of each end of your wall cupboard onto the bottom cupboard. You could even support a heavier top cupboard in this manner, or use timber supports to match the timber of the top cupboard.

Whichever way you decide to fix your cupboard to the wall of your home by following the above ideas you should know how to easily fix a cupboard onto your wall.