So many kids refuse to eat their fruits and vegetables. Dinner can be a struggle for many families. Instead of sitting at the table after supper for another hour, have your kids easily consume their vegetables during family supper time. It will make both them and you happy.

Things You Will Need

vegetables, fruits, patience

Step 1

Hide vegetables inside a casserole or roast. Often times kids refuse to eat their vegetables simply because they know they are there. Many of there friends may try to tell them that vegetables and fruits are "yucky". Unfortunately, this plays a negative roll on your children view this healthy side dish. If everything is mixed together your kid won't even notice that there are vegetables in that delicious casserole. If your child has a good attitude, you can try asking them, "Did you enjoy your vegetables?" When they look at you confused, tell them that there were lots of delicious vegetables in the casserole. This way, they will realize that vegetables aren't so bad after all. By placing your kids' vegetables on the side of their plate in plain view, they may be more prone to leaving them on the plate.

Step 2

Make a fruit smoothie. Blend raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, and other assorted fruit together with some ice cream and milk. Your child is sure to enjoy one of these delicious smoothies. Having smoothies every night is probably not the best idea since it contains ice cream, but every once in a while is a good treat. You can also try dipping your fruit in chocolate.

Step 3

Mix different vegetables and fruits together to give your child a variety. Although it is important for your child to eat fruits and vegetables, there may be one that he strongly dislikes. Whether it's pineapple, strawberries or corn, understand that it is okay for your child to refuse a few different types. If you mix together vegetables such as, corn, broccoli, peas, carrots and zucchini you can give your child a variety to choose from. If you notice that he is eating all of the vegetables except one, then he just might not care for that certain one.

Step 4

Make it a contest. Choose something that you know your child will enjoy. Whoever finishes their vegetables first may get television time afterwards, a snack, or get to stay up after their bedtime. Hopefully, the next thing you know, your child will be consuming his vegetables and fruits.

Step 5

Make it a rule. Bribing your child may work but it is not always right. Remember that you are the parent. Make it a rule to finish their fruits and vegetables or they will be punished. The time out chair or taking away your child's favorite toy may be the perfect punishment that will remind them that they need to eat their vegetables next time.
It is important for your child to understand that you aren't forcing them to eat their vegetables because you are being mean, but you are doing it for their own good. Explain to them that this is a very healthy choice. Hopefully, when they are parents they will be doing the same things to their kids.

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