Drug dealers are making it very difficult to tell the difference between drugs and candy. It is very important to educate your kids about the dangers of drugs and what they can do to their brain and body over the log run. Losing a child to a drug overdose is something that will tear your life apart.

You, as the parent, need to educate your children, not their friends. Drugs and alcohol make good people do bad things and cause emotional problems for everybody involved. There are a lot of items around your house that can be used as drugs. Hand Sanitizer is a common household item that kids use to get high, either by sniffing or eating it.

Explain to your kids that this is not to be eaten. 2 oz of hand sanitizer is equal to 4 shots of vodka. Tell them the dangers of what can happen brain and organ damage, death . Permanent damage to the braid and brain cells are a big result of doing inhalants.

Vapors from alcohol and inhalants such as the products used to clean keyboards , can cause damage. Tell your children that using drugs changes their life, it forces them to make bad decisions that they normally would not make. Tell about the bad health effects that can be the results of heave drug usage. When a male smokes weed, their risk of getting testicular cancer is 70% higher than non-users, and their sperm count is decreased. Tell your family members this, scare them if you have too.

Dealers try to target kids at a young ago, gets them addicted and gives them more customers. Check packages carefully on candy especially around Halloween. Cocaine is now flavored, strawberry, cherry, vanilla, coca-cola, anything you can imagine. Tell your children to be on the look-out. You and family can watch videos of people on drugs, show your kids, and let them know the issues with drug abuse and where it can lead.

Keep them educated and have open and truthful conversions about how bad it can be with a life style on drugs.