Article Spinning: how to effectively rewrite your articles

I would say anyone can spin an article using an article spinning software because it is just a simple task of replacing words with synonyms, and that’s it. If you think that you can fool Google by submitting articles with the thesaurus mainly responsible for their creation then reconsider your position before you regret spending time and effort which will ultimately be gone to waste.  Article spinning software can only go as far as helping you sort out the recommended synonyms of the words but to make your spun article sound spontaneous and natural, you will need to do it yourself. This is the art of article spinning.

Article spinning software works by suggesting to you a wide variety of synonyms that you can use to create your spun article. These synonyms are placed within a pair of curly brackets or spintax.. For example, if you want to replace the word “boat” with any of its synonyms within the spintax {vessel | ship | ferry}, the spintax will randomly pick any of the synonyms to give you a spun version. The more choices of synonyms you have, the better. This does not mean you can finally escape Google’s duplicate content filter by having a wide selection of synonyms. The article spinning software can help you get a better view on how to manually spin the spun version to make it sound natural and readable.

It is possible, however, to bypass Google’s duplicate content filter by submitting software-generated spun articles but not for long term, as Google is a dynamic search engine that keeps on updating its algorithm to make sure cyberspace is clutter-free. The only downside of article spinning software is their limitation to just providing users with a large database of synonyms. Google has already anticipated this and is making the necessary moves to stop people from exploiting this loophole. There is one free article spinner named Spinchimp that is keeping up with the search engines by updating its database of thesaurus daily. One feature that makes Spinchimp a cut above the rest is its “Parts of Speech” functionality that thoroughly examines the context of each word in a sentence so that a proper synonym would be picked to maintain readability and quality of the spun version. Spinchimp also gives you other options on how to spin your article like sentence spin, paragraph spin, context menu spin, and rapid multi-word spin because it believes that article spinning is more than just substituting words with synonyms. You will never see these features from other article spinning software in the market today and what’s great is that you can download the software for free.