Sometimes you may want to add a video to your powerpoint presentation. It can be a one that you have saved on your computer or it can be from a site.There are some sites out there that allow you to embed their videos for example Youtube and Vimeo. The Microsoft powerpoint presentation used here is the 2010 version.


4 easy steps to add a video from your computer to your powerpoint presentation.

We will first look at how to add a video that you have saved in your computer into your presentation.

1. Open your powerpoint presentation. and click on the slide that you want to add the video.

 2. Go to the menu bar and click the Insert tab. Click on the drop down arrow next to    the video icon. choose the 'add video from file' option.

3. The ' insert video' dialog box will appear allowing you to choose the location and name of your insert.

4. To view the video click slide show -->start slide show -->from current slide or press F5


10 Easy Steps to Add Any YouTube video to your power point presentation.

1. Go to Youtube and select the video you want to embed into your power point presentation. 

2. At the bottom of the screen, just below the video click the SHARE button.

3. You will have a choice of Embed or Email. Click Embed.

 4. Click the ‘Use old embed code’ checkbox and then Right click and copy the code that appears or press Ctrl+C for a shortcut.  


5. Open your power point 2010 presentation and choose the slide you want to place the video.
6. Click the Insert tab and then click on the drop down arrow next to the video icon. Click on video from website .i.e.  insert -->video-->video from website as shown below.


7. When the insert video from website dialog box appears , paste the code you copied from YouTube and click the insert button i.e.

8. A black box will appear indicating that the video has been embedded.

9. To view the video click slide show -->start slide show -->from current slide OR press F5.You will see your video with all the playback options just as it appears on YouTube.

10. Finally, you can now click the play button to watch your video. Save your presentation as you work.   


1.You can change the size of your video by dragging the borders of the black box


  right click -->Format video -->size and click the best size for slide show check box.

-You can also check out the other options for formatting your video here.

 2. Not to overdo on the videos; you should only use them to enhance your presentation. Too many  videos will tire people out and as a consequence they will not be able to concetrate on your presentation.

 Good Luck on your presentations everyone!!