How to end up with the wrong insurance

Finding the right car insurance policy takes time and patience. You can work hard for hours on end to shave just a little off your insurance premium. Funnily enough though, if you want to end up with the wrong insurance, it doesn’t take very much effort at all! Below you will find some of the best ways to make sure you too much for some of the most flimsy of insurance policies! However, if you want to end up with something rather different, then I recommend you do precisely the opposite to what is written below.

The head in the sand approach

If you haven’t already realised that there are many reasons why you should reassess your car insurance deal and your provider each year, then you must already have your head in the sand. Insurance companies love nothing more than customers accepting an automatic renewal quote. Doing this is a sure-fire way to make sure you pay over the odds for your car insurance. It’s well known that many of the insurance companies do not send their most competitive quotes to people when sending out renewals. If you want to strike a better deal with them you might be able to, but if you are in the hunt for terrible insurance prices, then take whatever they offer you!

Buy your insurance over the phone

Many insurance companies offer a significant discount if you process your car insurance policy application over the internet. A ten percent discount is not uncommon, so if you want to avoid making this saving, then be sure to pick up the phone and you are sure to source a highly expensive quote!

Modify your car

Why not stick a huge spoiler on the back of your car? While you’re at it, you could always lower your suspension, and add some insanely large alloy wheels to finish off the look. The result when it comes to insuring your car? A hefty rise in your premium.

Guess your annual mileage

Why spend time working out how many miles you might do in a year? Surely the easiest thing is just to suggest that you will do a rather large amount. That way you’re sure not to go over your quoted amount, and you can drive worry free. Actually, doing this will significantly increase how much you pay for your car insurance. As far as an insurance broker is concerned, the more miles you travel, the more likely you are to have an accident. If you really want a startling quote, tell them that you might just make it to fifty thousand miles this year, even if that is just popping to the shops and back once a week!

Pay no attention to reviews

Why would you want to find out whether or not a company has a good reputation? You just want car insurance right? Some companies are fantastic when it comes to actually making a claim – and some are not. Most people only ever think about the cost of the premium, but there is a very real cost if you ever have an accident. The level of excess makes a difference, but perhaps more importantly, it is important how you are treated by your insurance company in the event of a claim. Some companies will bend over backwards to help you, knowing that it is likely to lead to commitment in the future, while lesser firms will do all they can to avoid paying out, happy to take your first payment for premium and run. The only way you can really tell the difference is by researching this on the internet. If you’re not that worried though, why not just take pot luck?

Don’t worry about your driving

So you have a little bump or two, life goes on eh? A speeding ticket here, a few points on your licence there, it all goes towards making life an adventure right? Maybe so, but any of these wayward moments could mean that you end up paying more for your car insurance. Previous accident history and points on your licence are all taken into account when insurance companies calculate how much you should have to pay. If you’re trying to go for a record-breaking high insurance premium and you don’t mind risking life and limb, then just drive with total abandon!

Of course, for all of those people out there who would actually like to find a great insurance policy which is good value and affordable – make sure you do the exact opposite of what you find above!