Engaging the most challenging students!

Classroom respect and bullying prevention is common ground for all middle and high schools. According to stopbullying.gov, about 28% of students in 6-12th grades have experienced bullying. Over 70% of students and staff admit to seeing bullying. As prevelant as bullying is it is not addressed on a regular basis in schools, beyond that of "don't do it" or identifying consequences of bullying. No solutions, no ideas of how to create a better environment.

I found a solution that engages students instantly and sets a new perspective for all kiddos! This is a tried and truth method I use within my own classroom with 8th graders! Give it a whirl! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I have found that this is one of those videos that you can play again and again and again. Students never get sick of watching them and they seek to watch on their own too. So, any time I find that my schedule has to become flexible due to unexpected chaos; like picture day, testing, and assemblies I use these videos. 


Nick to the rescue!

Best book to read.

Encourage your students to read it too!

Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life
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I love this book! I even have a signed copy from him. My husband, son and I got to meet him in person at a Barnes & Noble store for a book signing and talk. I highly recommend this book.
Nick, Keith & I

Richie Parker

One more story to be told.

If you have never heard the Richie Parker story, that too is motivational to students to realize they don't have to overcome nearly as much as others and to be greatful for what they have, not what they don't have! Richie works as an NASCAR engineer at Hendrick Motorsports. He too has no arms and is quite talented in with his foot. His engineering innovations to use his computer with his foot has landed him a successful career in the sport of NASCAR, unbelievable to many until you see this video and his dedication and motivation to do everything anyone else can do! What an inspiring story to tell students. Even better it is an opening to talk to students about differences and how we can judge others without knowing the true story! I am empowered by these videos and my students truly are blessed through them too. 

My final thoughts

These magical videos give students a new perspective, motivate the unmotivated, engage the students you would least expect and provides students hope and encouragement! Bullying is a problem in most schools, so I use these videos to address those issues. Educators can help prevent bullying by addressing the issues right up front. Turning everything negative is not the answer, contrary, using these inspiring videos to create a fun and yet very prolific results. Students love them and continue to ask for more every year! What secrets to your classroom do you have to tell?