Travelling through Europe can be expensive. Congratulations on choosing Slovakia as your destination. It's one of the cheapest countries in central-Europe. Here are some specific tips on how to enjoy a cheap holiday in Bratislava.

How to get cheaply from the airport to the city centre?

The by far cheapest option is to take the bus. From the Bratislava Airport: Bus 61 takes about twenty five minutes and takes you to central station (Hlavná Stanica). The price for one adult one-way ticket is € 0.50 for 15 minutes. Since it will take about thirty minutes to get to the centre, it is best to buy the 60 minute ticket for €0.70 cents.

Eat a cheap meal at Bratislava's best tex-mex restarant

Taco Rey is one popular Mexican take-out restaurant. Opened in 2008, Taco Rey has become a favorite place to eat with a menu of tacos, burritos, nachos, and salads. Located in the Old Town, turn to the right of the Slovak National Theatre, across a little area with benches and Taco Rey is right across.

They have recently opened a second Taco Rey in the food court in Eurovea, so try it if you are there. The best combo is a small chicken adobo burrito with a regular drink and choice of soup or chips with salsa all for €3.89 (large €4.39). They also serve breakfast until 10:30 am with a delicious egg and cheese burrito for €2.19. Coffee €0.99.

An even cheaper option: Richman

A popular local Slovak fast food, a Richman is a sandwich stand where you can try their ham sandwich for €1.60 or a hot dog for a €1.00. Fast and heated Richman's are great for a quick snack while walking, because there isn't any seating available. If you get the chance try the chicken Richman for €2.30.

Where is it? Right in front of tram stop Šafárikovo square (Šafárikovo námestie) and Kamenné square. (There are additional Richman's around the city)

How much to tip?

If the service was good then a good tip would be 10% from the final amount on the bill. Having worked as a waiter in the past, I always appreciated a tip.

(I wasn't even a good waiter!) So as a general rule of thumb, I always tip 10% at the bars, pubs, and restaurants in Bratislava.

At the hotels, a few Euros are a good tip for the bell boys, taxi drivers, and cleaning ladies.

Enjoy an inexpensive beer at Bar Baron

A popular student pub, you can't go wrong with Bar Baron where beer is pretty cheap, a small glass of beer is €0.60 and a large beer is €1.00. Be sure to look up outside of the bar to see another quirky statue of a man sitting on a cannibal!

The location is 31 Commerce Street (Obchodna) and the nearest tram stop is Postova.