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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V, the fifth installment of the Grand Theft Auto series made by Rockstar Games that has gripped the lives of many gamers out there. Though the campaigns that the games have do not have a continuing storyline. Each Grand Theft Auto brings a new city to explore, new characters to meet, and more enemies to gun down in the street. In Grand Theft Auto V you will enter a brand new city based off the real world city of Los Angeles which within the game is called Los Santos. You also get three main characters to play throughout the game, each having unique personalities and problems to face. This article will help you in your troubles with the law while you make a name for yourself in Los Santos City.

Police in Grand Theft Auto V

The police you knew from Grand Theft Auto 4 are street vermin compared to what will be hunting you down and bringing you to justice in Grand Theft Auto V. But that doesn't mean they weren't formidable opponents aswell. When you do what it is you do in Los Santos City whether it be stealing a car, holding up a convenience store, or downright gunning people down that cross the street, the police will come for you. It is your choice to stay and fight or run and hide. Keep in mind if you stay and fight the police, they will only keep coming, and with the five stars wanted system, you will fight more and more difficult men of the law the more you continue to survive the firefight.

When you make trouble in Los Santos, you will gain a wanted level that consists of five levels or stars. One star being the least serious, and five stars being the most. assaulting someone on the sidewalk can sometimes give you a star, but sometimes goes unnoticed by the law. Shooting people dead is a serious crime and will always give you a wanted level. Killing police officers will do the same, but continued violence against them will result in getting a fourth star added to the three you receive after assaulting or killing any police officer. At the fourth level, they send armored SWAT like teams after you that use assault rifles. And at this point, driving away won't help you nearly as much since almost every intersection will have a police van set up and cops trying to shoot out your tires. God help you if you somehow acquire a fifth star.

Assuming you haven't angered the Los Santos police too far, here are some simple tips on how to get out alive:

  • Find any car (preferably a fast one)

Having a fast car can help you make some distance between you and the cops chasing you. If you invested in a souped up sports car, your advantage increases by a lot.

  • Duck into alleyways

The police have a cone shape in front of them on your mini map which represents their vision. This shows up when they have lost sight of you and are searching for you. When hiding in an alley, it makes it harder for them to find you and buys you some time.

  • Go off-road

Since the police will always be searching for you on the road (assuming they haven't sent a helicopter after you yet) It is a good idea to take it off-road. If you are far enough ahead of the cops, you can drive away without them following you if you drive into the hills or desert.

  • Drive into a mod shop (Los Santos Customs)

The single most effective way to lose the cops in a police chace would be to find and enter a Los Santos Customs. This is a car mod shop where you can buy upgrades to your vehicle and repaint it to your liking. The act of entering a mod shop will remove your wanted level instantly, making it your best option when you need to quickly get out of trouble. Keep in mind the garage to the mod shop will not open for you if the police have direct line of sight on you.


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Grand Theft Auto Online

Evading the cops in multiplayer is almost exactly the same as in single player. The only difference is you cannot pause the game and you also have to worry about other players. There are always players out there who are just out for blood and if they see you driving by, they will shoot at you. In this situation, your best bet is to buy bullet proof tires since most people shoot out your tires pretty quickly. Other than that, just follow the simple steps of evading police. Being inside a mod shop also makes you not attackable by other players.

Now go get yourself a copy of GTA V and get into some police chases.