Without a scientific explanation for qi, we can only experience it. As an invisible force, it can be felt it in many different things as something, which lifts us up or drags us down. More over, we can easily feel it in the air we breathe, especially out in nature.ve you ever taken the time to get up early in the morning when most people and cars are still sleeping, to breathe in the crisp winter air, or felt the soft breeze of a summer day?

You might have taken some deep breaths and put a smile on your face.

Did you ever listen consciously to the sounds of the rustling leaves of a nearby tree, the song of the birds greeting the new day, the murmur of a brook, or as in my case, the crashing waves of the ocean? You might have automatically taken a deep breath, feeling relaxed and energized at the same time.

sun up over ocean (34081)Have you ever witnessed the sun coming up over the ocean, leaving the water full of a thousand golden, glistening morning light flickers, or seen the sun set over the mountains leaving them glowing with a red light? It makes you take a deep breath and never forget such beauty.

Why does a moment when you are aware of the earth under your feet and the vastness of heaven over your head, contain such wonderful magic?

The energy of the earth and the energy of heaven are meeting in you to give you a feeling of being part of this wonderful and vast universe.

With this in mind stand up, close your eyes and feel your weight in the soles of your feet. Put about 80% of your weight on your heels. Now soften your knees (bend them just a little bit). Your arms hang by your side a little away from your body. Have your hands open and relaxed. Relax and drop your shoulders. Relax your abdominal muscles and viscera. Be aware of the center of gravity being just below your navel. Look up. If possible, get on your toes and stretch your arms up over your head reaching into the sky. Can you feel the energy of the earth and the energy of the sky holding you up? Some how like a puppet on a string?

Not only the oxygen in the air makes you feel good. It is something else, something unspeakable. This is what the Chinese call Qi; it is the life force that keeps us here on this earth in our body. Qi keeps us humans going and creating every day. It keeps the vegetation growing the animals active and the world busy.

The energy of the earth and the energy of heaven are yin and yang, a plus pole and a minus pole. If you take the plus pole of one magnet and the minus pole of another, putting a needle in between those two, the needle stands up between these poles without falling. When we experience nature in this way, we have the distinct feeling of something more than just fresh air with lots of oxygen. The quality of the air and its charge with energy makes a difference. Our bodies automatically realize if yin and yang are in balance. It makes it easy for us to relax.

Doctors used to, and sometimes still do, prescribe a vacation at the ocean or in the mountains to people of the city who seemed not to get well or were unable to recover after a sickness. The experience of nature makes us breath deeper, which connects us to this ever-present powerful natural force called qi. By taking in both the energy of the earth and the energy of heaven, we can feel its balancing effect.

Taking a breath is the first thing we do upon entering into this life on earth and the last when we leave. Breathing is important and life sustaining. It is important how we breathe. The German language has a saying: "Geniesse das Leben in vollen Zuegen" which would be translated ' enjoy life to its fullest breath'. To enjoy life to its fullest we have to be healthy. Deep breathing brings us there.

The air contains not only oxygen, but also this essential and ever so powerful force of life called qi,

Shallow breathing is unhealthy and has a long list of health problems attached to it.

One of the problems connected to shallow breathing is high blood pressure.

Look at your self. See if your shoulders are relaxed or pulled up. Chronic shallow breathers often have their shoulders pulled up. Try to take a couple of deep breaths consciously every day and very soon, you will find that you are breathing unconsciously deeply as well.

While sleeping everyone is breathing deeply. Our stomach moves up and down and we are relaxed. Deep breathing lowers your blood pressure naturally and can help you to avoid medication.

Now take a deep breath for good health!