Surviving on $50 dollars a week for food when you have a family of 4 is hard. You will need to know what your meals are in advance and learn to eat the same food over and over. Life might not be good but with the economy these days, you have to find ways to make cuts to survive. My family has been surviving on the bare necessities so we can survive each day. We do not go out to eat nor do we buy name brad items. With continued reading and putting this plan together even you can survive and eat from $50 a week.

Creating the menu.

Our menu contains a lot of pasta and discounted chicken and beef. We use a calendar and make a menu for each day. Monday is spaghetti and sauce with a cup of juice. Tuesday would be a ramen noodle and juice. This may sound like it is not notorious and it is not. Each week the food will be the same for each day. A lot of supermarkets have deals and coupons in the local newspaper. Make sure you change up the menu for each day. If your kids get school lunch and breakfast that is 40 meals a month taking care of.

Buying generic items

We have learned that with buying cheaper and generic brands of items you will save a bunch of money. Make sure you carry a calculator on you so you know how much you will be spending. Generic brand food tends to be made from the same quality of food as name brand items. The only difference is the packaging. Our favorite generic brands are ramen noodles and Smart Option.

Buy Bulk Items

As you view your menu for the month look across for items that can be bought in bulk. Items such as Ramen noodle and Mac and Cheese can be bought in bulk. Discounted meats also are a plus. Make sure if you buy bulk amount of meat, that you individualize each pound so you can maximize the amount bought. Shopping at Sams clubs helps a lot because you can buy a gauge contained of cereal and make it last all month. If you own a shirk wrapper they are a godsend. This will save you time any freezer burn..

No wastes use the leftovers.

Our family strives not to waste anything we buy for food. That means we save the leftovers and eat them for our lunches the next day. I f you own proper storage containers for food you will not have a problem with your food going back. On average your food will stay good for about 3-4 days. Discard of the waste if there is any. If our bread turns a little hard we will use the bread in meat loaf or dry the bread out and make crotons.

No eating out.

We use to eat out for every meal it seemed. We stopped after the loss of money and learned an average meal would cost us around $50.00 at a restaurant. We now use that much to feed our entire family for a week. Learn where you can save money and do it. An average coffee will run you $2.50, when you can take the price of one coffee and buy grounds at a store. You would have enough coffee for 1 week.

Use the local food pantry

If you decide to use the local food pantry you would not be spending a dime out of your budget. Most food pantries generally give you some meat but mostly caned items. A lot of these items can be saved and when you shop all you need is a just main item like chicken and meat. Don’t be afraid to use the pantry because it is there for reasons like this. Be prepared to tell them why you are using it and have a way of showing your living in their district.

Limit servings and brunching though out the day.

When you shop for the week you are generally getting the food need to fulfill the menu request. Living off of fifty dollars seems so impossible in the beginning. I have been currently living like this and have lost a total of 25 pounds. I feel better and when I have a chance I use multi vitamins to get what is needed. Snacks can be bought in bulk so if needed snack a few time a week. Read the serving sizes when it comes to snack. You do not have to be eating a full bag of chips, when there are 10 serving in the bag.

I understand after reading this that it sounds almost to good to be true. Most often times if you work hard enough at something there will be times that it will work out. Remember that a shrink wrapper and storage containers are a plus. Don’t eat though out the day blindly and most of all make a menu for the month and stick to it. Your family will have food on the table every night if this is properly followed.