A while back, I was talking to my friend Hugo about making money online, and he  recommended a website to get started.  I decided to start listening to the podcasts on generating passive income and how to start the process. 

Pat, the owner of the website, talked about writing articles for revenue sharing sites, which lead me to Infobarrel. And here I am, writing my very first article for this website! I have been writing articles for my website for several months now, so producing content is something that I am fairly familiar with. 

However, what is interesting, is that when I listened to the podcast on how to get started generating passive income, I felt a strong feeling of excitement I had not felt for a pretty long time. I actually felt very good. And in this article I want to explain how you can feel the same type of feeling RIGHT NOW. 

Even though I write articles for my website on a regular basis, spend time with my friends and do all other kinds of activities I enjoy, this feeling of excitement was something different than the feeling of engaging in those activites. It felt more real, more awake. 

The reason it felt so good, was because listening to the podcast lead to me making a firm comitment to myself to start making money online. Generating passive income has been something that I have thought about for quite a long period of time, but have not got round to. In listening to Pat's thoughts on the subject, I started to actually CREATE the comitment in my own mind, compared to earlier when I had only thought about how much I wanted the money itself. 

There are a million of reasons why I want to generate stable passive income for myself, but none of those reasons will motivate me to take action in this area unless I fully decide to create a firm comittment with myself to get started.

Now, I want you to think about an area in your life that you want to improve. Perhaps  you want to improve your health or fitness, your relationships or your social skills. Whatever it is, think about what you can do right now to take that first step towards your goal. What action can you take RIGHT NOW, that will lead you towards the results you are after? That action is what is going to make you feel good, not getting the result you are striving for. Especially if your action comes from a firm comittment that you have made with yourself, and espeically if you have procrasinated the comitment for a long period of time.

The result, whether it is supreme health or great social skills, is not going to give you happiness. It is the journey towards that result that will bring you the joy and happiness. And the journey can only start right now. Thinking "I will do it in the future, today is not a good time" is an excuse, and no matter how much you justify the reason behind why you can not do it right now, it is simply an excuse. And if you have an excuse today, you will most likely have one (or more) tomorrow.

If you decide to set up goals for yourself (that you have wanted to achive for a long period of time but have not got round to) every action towards that goal will make you feel good. You will feel self – fulfilled. If you are interested in reading more about my take on self- fulfillment, feel free to check out my triangle for self fulfillment, on my website.

Embark on a journey! Whatever it may be.