Stop being afraid of death. No one knows what the future will hold, so why worry about it. There have been many instances of people given little to no chance of beating cancer and against all odds, they pull through. Worry about death can cause physical health problems and lower immune function. If you stop worrying about the things you can't control, the overall health benefit will be noticeable. 

Get the best treatment possible. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a great treatment facility that is among the top ranked in the nation, but it's not the only facility you have to choose from. You might want to ask friends and family to help you find the best possible care.

Support. Hold onto friends, family and loved ones in this difficult time as they can be the determining factor in how hard you fight. Keep them informed about each step that the doctors are taking and how the treatment is going.

Diet. Eat lots of vegetables, eat super fruits, drink lots of water and drink plenty of vitamin blended drinks. everything you do affects your chances of survival, which is why diet is so important for immune function and energy levels.

Excercise. When you have cancer, exercise can seem like a chore. THe trick is to do a little at a time. Set goals each day of walking longer distances and you will notice a difference in energy. 

Get rest. While it's important to get out and exercise, rest is also just as important and can help your body increase it's ability to fight cancer. Do not get too much rest as this can have a negative outcome on the immune system.