Making anything with wood is an achievement in itself. It is a craft that has been around for centuries. And it is still very popular today. You can make anything from toys to children's furniture, or if you want to be a little more daring you can even achieve success at making your own household furniture.It is amazing what you can you if you put your mind to it.




Everyone is keen to get started on making their new wood crafts.Although the cost of purchasing new wood from the lumberyards or timber stores can prove to be very expensive.Therefore we need to find ways of cutting those costs. I will try and show you a few simple ideas on how to find free wood to make wood crafts and reduce that expense. Even if some of it is used to make the kids toys it will still save you a bit more of that hard earned money.




Home building sites




Often there are cut off pieces of timber left over in the rubbish after the builders have finished. Before touching anything always ask for permission to remove it first by speaking to the builder.You will not want to be charged with stealing.Most will agree as it reduces the amount needing to be removed.




Cabinet Makers




Look through the phone book and either ring or go and visit these companies.Quite often they may have made mistakes in jobs or the person may need alterations made, therefore you can find waste materials in their skip bins. They will always have cut offs that are too small for their jobs, but could still help you out for making wooden toys or similar articles. Always ask before removing anything.




Using pallets







Pallets can be a great find for smaller projects. The best part may be the solid square end pieces although you can still use some of the slats too.Try to remove all nails before cutting or sanding the timbers. You need to be very careful, as if you are using a sander or grinder remember there may still be nails hidden inside some of the timbers.These can in fact make your project more expensive if some of the timbers damage your equipment in the process.




Demolition sites








Check out all the demolition sites where houses and buildings are being pulled down and demolished.Many of these old houses had great timber flooring and solid timber roofing and struts.You may have to pay something at these although it will still be cheaper than new timber.




Timber or lumberyards








Speak to the manager and see if he has any reject timbers. Or ask if they have any bundles of timber they want to get rid of cheap.If you do not ask you will never know and it's worth a try.




Roadside Trash








Some countries have certain times of the year where the council collects your unwanted goods or mainly rubbish.Quite often you can find different types of old wooden furniture.Some of this could be collected and used by cutting up and sanding old surfaces off and reusing the old wood to make something new.


Whatever you attempt to make I hope you enjoy the effort and the rewards of the finished project. There are many ways to make Easy woodworking projects.