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Geocaching for fun and treasures

Geocaching is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors with your whole family hunting for treasures. Everyone of all ages can participate in this as something different to do while travelling on your next holidays. Whether you spend time in the country or on a camping trip with friends or even while enjoying a dip in the ocean you can still look for new treasures.

Geocache treasures are planted anywhere at all and not only can you look for them but as you gain more experience you can leave them for others to find.

What is or does Geocaching mean?

This is a fun way to look for treasures that other people have hidden in a variety of places all over the world for other geocache participants to discover just like you did as a child looking for a treasure. The only difference is that these treasures are laid out on a larger scale and hidden in many different types of places in all countries for everyone to find.

Once you learn how to find them then you can even set up your own for other members of geocaching to find.

What do you need: to look for geocache treasures?

You will need a GPS mobile phone or a normal GPS device which you can use to navigate to the desired hidden geocache treasures. And of course you need to become a member of Where you can download the co-ordinates for your hidden treasures available in your areas.

Are there different types of Geocaches?

There are many different types of Geocaches that you can choose to find so have a look and decide which ones you want to experience.

Here are a few examples:

  • Puzzle or Mystery cache
  • Earth cache
  • Geocaching challenges

 Each one of the above types of geocaching has its own individual cache with different things to do or find. You can choose one of those or one of the other types.


eocaching can be found at beautiful places like this

Some places where geocaching treasures are find are very scenic

As a beginner where and how should I start?

Look for the one star or beginner geocaches. Then before looking make sure that others have found something recently so you know it is a viable one to do.

Before you do anything:

You will have to go on the internet and download coordinates into your GPS for the various Geocaching treasures. You will need these to direct you to your treasures. Once you have the correct place then your treasure hunt really begins. Sometime just having the longitude and latitude is just the beginning. You still have to find the actual hidden treasure or cache.

What to do when found treasure or cache

It will depend on the type of cache you find, although in most cases you have to sign the logbook and put it back. You can replace the cache item with something else of equivalent value. Then place back exactly where you found it for someone else to find and enjoy.

Always go on the internet and log your find on the cache page, so they know that it is still there.

Never move a cache from its original place unless you notify the owner.

What things do you find in a cache?

Most will have a log book or sheet where you can record your visit. Other than that you could find anything at all. I heard of one instance where someone lift a $50 note, but that was only what I was told. Always replace the items you take with something of similar value.


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No you will not get rich or find gold nuggets, at least none that I found. It is all about achieving different goals and challenges and putting your skills to the test and see how many you can find or even place more for others to find.

Above all this is something that you can do when on holidays or weekends away with the whole family and also get you out in the fresh air.

To learn more about geocaching, go to their site and then if you are interested buy a GPS and start searching for treasures and above all have fun with your family.

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