Playstation 3 Deals

If you're a bargain hunger and are in need of a good Playstation 3 deal, then you might get pretty frustrated trying to find a Playstation 3 console cheaper than retail price. Usually, the price of a game console doesn't vary from store to store and is pretty much the same no matter where you find it. Whether it's online or at a Walmart, a PS3 is simply one thing that doesn't get rolled back without Sony deciding to lower their prices. So when bargain hunting, it's easy to just give up and settle for the retail priced Playstation 3 that you see everyone else buying. Well, I'm here to encourage you. There are good Playstation deals to be found if you simply broaden your horizons and take a look at all the available options you might've overlooked. There are ways you can find good deals on Playstation 3 consoles, as well as various other products if you're willing to use some of these tips.

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Loyalty Cards

Stores that offer rewards to those who shop there often are places to attain good Playstation 3 deals. For instance, Best Buy has a Rewards Zone feature that gives you a point for every dollar you spend at one of their stores or online. Once you've reached a certain amount of points you can get either a 5, 10, or 20 dollar gift certificate on your next purchase. If you're not already joined up to a Rewards Zone program, this is a good way to earn points easy on your next electronic device. Buying a Playstation 3 with a Rewards Zone membership will automatically give you a 5 dollar gift certificate because it costs more than $250 (which is the point limit for the said certificate). You may not pay lower than retail on the console itself, but at least it'll give you some money of your next purchase. Essentially these are loyalty cards that reward you for shopping at one of their stores. Many supermarkets have loyalty programs as well that you can take advantage of.

Playstation 3 Bundles

Another way to find Playstation 3 deals is by keeping an eye out for bundles that may be released. You can usually find bundles on the shelves every year, and can mean great deals than if buying each item separately. Bundles can include hardware bundles, game bundles or both. The Playstation Move Bundle comes with a game and the motion sensing controller. This, obviously, is the most widely know Playstation 3 bundle, but there are others that can sometimes go under the radar. You've probably missed the Madden 11 console bundle that came out in 2010, and never even heard of the Bravia TV/PS3 bundle which included a game and a movie near the end of that year. You were able to get an HDTV (from 46 to 55 inches), the 160GB Playstation console, the Gran Turismo 5 game along with the Grown Ups Blu-ray. So if you were in need of a TV and a game console, you'd save upwards to $1,400, knocking two birds with one pricetag.

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Buy used

And of course, sort of a last resort to some, is to buy a console used. Usually when it comes to electronics people want a factory-sealed never been used product. But most likely you'll never find one below retail. The only way you can find a cheaper Playstation 3 is to buy it used. But just because it has that "Used" label on it, doesn't mean it won't perform like one straight from the factory. There are many sites online that offer like-new but used Playstation 3 consoles that are just as good as one from Sony, but cheaper. You can usually find past reviews from customers and merchant ratings to ease any tension you might have buying a used console. Either way, a good bargain hunter considers all options.

Good luck

So there are my tips on how to find Playstation 3 deals for those looking to save some money. It'll take being aware of what's out, participating in programs that reward, and sometimes taking chances. But in the end, you'll find your wallet a little less lighter by using these tips. There are always ways to find Xbox 360 Slim deals if you have a different console preference. Either way, good luck and save money!

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