I lived in Japan for around ten years and one of the most common questions I had from friends back home, was "How are Japanese women?" and "How can they find a Japanese girlfriend?"

Obviously the best place is in Japan, but even if you are not in Japan it can still be easy to meet Japanese women living abroad. There are a number of Japanese dating services that specialize in introducing western men with Japanese women.

Japan has a pretty unique culture and it does take some time for westerners new to the country to understand the culture and local customs. Here are some tips for understanding Japanese culture and finding a Japanese girl friend. Consider them the keys to unlocking the door to Japan.

When westerners speak to one another, they usually speak frankly and openly. Japanese tend to be less direct and they avoid conflict. Even if they might not like something, they won't say so directly. This is often confusing for western men trying to meet Japanese women. A guy might for example ask a Japanese girl for her number. Even though she might give it to the guy, it doesn't necessarily mean she wants to go out with him. She will find it easier just to give out her number, even if she is not interested, to avoid conflict.

Japanese women like guys to take the lead. If you call a Japanese woman and want to ask her on a date, you should have a specific place and time in mind, as well as having a backup plan in case she is busy. Many people think Japanese are shy, which they are a little, but you just need to take the lead.

I have often heard about guys complaining how they have been on several dates with Japanese and still haven't gotten any "action". The opportunity was probably always there, it's just that Japanese women want guys to take the lead.

Japanese are usually very friendly to foreigners. Most are interested in studying English and practicing it when they get the chance. As long as you take the initiative to break the ice, most Japanese will respond favorably and it can then open the door, for you to ask her out for coffee or dinner. It can be a good idea to get some simple business cards printed up with your name and telephone number, to save the trouble of having to exchange numbers.

Dating a Japanese woman can be very different from dating a western woman. It can be difficult for westerners to read the signs of whether a Japanese woman is interested in them or not. Japanese are often too polite to flatly reject a guy, which western men can easily misinterpret. Trying to understand Japanese people and their culture can be a bit of a mystery, but can be a rewarding experience for anyone who is interested to learn more about country. You can get more tips on finding a Japanese girlfriend from my website on how to find a Japanese girlfriend.