Let me be the first to say, that it is not easy to find legitimate online jobs.  There are many, many scams out there, and also just some really dumb, worthless ideas and advice.  You need some help in navigating all the NIGERIAN GOLD BARS and MAKE 20K a MONTH in 90 DAYS!!!!!. 

Come on! Give me a break.  Unless you are either exceptionally well-connected, have very deep pockets, or exceptionally lucky, you are just NOT going to make 20K a month in 90 days.  

That being said, it is absolutely possible to to find real ways to make money online while putting little to no money out.  I am going to go through some of the best ways below, and then you can pick your poison!

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Selling your Old Stuff Online

eBay-   Selling your stuff on Ebay is a great way to get started making some money online.  As a fringe benefit, it can also help you declutter!  But that's another article....  If you don't already have an eBay account, it is very simple to set up.  I suggest that if you are brand new, that you first buy something and then get at least one positive feedback rating.  If you have 0 feedback, many people will not even consider bidding on your item.  There are many good guides to selling on eBay out there, so I won't go into any further depth, but just know that it is a great way to get started.

Amazon-  You can also sell your old or new stuff on amazon.  It is very simple to set up a seller's account there, and you can either sell and ship your items yourself, or you can use Amazon's Fulfillment by Amazon program where they handle all the shipping and customer service for you.  Also, you can "trade-in" your items for amazon credit, which is a good way to get some capital if you need any software or equipment to start an online business.

Most people already know about those two things, so now on to more options for legitimate online jobs.


eLance.com-  Are you a good writer, or a programmer, developer, marketer, consultant, accountant or designer?  Than chances are that you can find some work on eLance.com.  eLance.com is an online community and job board for freelancers in a variety of fields. 

www.odesk.com- Odesk.com is an online community and job board for people that are hiring virtual assistants, translators, programmers, sales people, writers, and more.  Chances are that you either have, or can learn, a marketable skill to find work at odesk.com.

www.guru.com-  A site similar to elance.com, although with more of a technical skills focus.


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Virtual Call Centers

Many people have had excellent luck working from home with a virtual job as a virtual call center employee.  Here are some of the top, most reputable companies.  For all of these jobs you will (at minimum) need a dedicated landline phone, a home computer with internet access, and a headset.  







Writing Articles

Here I am only going to list the one place that has the best revenue-sharing model for its writers.  And, drumroll please.......


Yea, a real shocker.  :)

Affiliate Marketing or Adsense earnings from your own blog or Website

This is a great option if you are willing to put the work in to learn what you are doing, do your research, and write great quality content.  

Affiliate Marketing- Affiliate marketing is where you promote a certain product on your own website or blog, and if someone purchases that product after clicking on your link, you get a percentage of the sales price.  The amount varies, but this is a great way to start making money online. 

Here are some of the top places to find products to promote

Amazon.com, with their Amazon Associates program.



Private companies or websites--if you know you love their product and would like to sell it, then you can contact them to ask if they have an affiliate program.

Adsense- Adsense is a program of Google.  It is a revenue sharing program that is similar to affiliate marketing, only instead of getting a share of a potential sale after a reader clicks through your link, you actually get paid per click, regardless of whether the aforementioned clicker buys anything or not.  There are rules associated with this program (i.e., never click on your own links or ask someone to do so on your behalf), but overall it is a great program.

However, with either of these methods, you must have a way to get readers to your site, and that can be summed up in one word: traffic. 

The number one key to getting good traffic is providing quality content to the reader.  That is the direction that google.com is headed in with all of its' recent updates.  They are all focused on penalizing poor-quality, self-promoting websites, and rewarding those who provide quality content will reign over all the spammers. 

Before you start building your site, I recommend that you invest in a good keyword research tool.  The one I recently purchased because of the great reviews was Long Tail Pro.  I have had great success in finding excellent keywords with good traffic and low to moderate competition. 

In summary, those are some of the most reputable resources that I would recommend if you are looking for a legitimate online job or virtual job.  They are out there, but they are never "get rich quick" schemes and require hard work, patience, and dedication, just like a "real" job would.